Friday, November 18, 2011

Sorry Tanya Tucker...Texas is definitely not as close as I've been to Heaven.

 One thing I made sure of during my time in the Marine Corps, I went to every available speciality school I could get an officer's slot to attend. With that being said, there aren't a lot of  'adventerous' type items on my personal bucket list.

Sure...I'd love to leave the back of a helicopter for a low-level jump just one more time or dive in deep, open waters alone to prove my mustard at underwater navigation, but I'm smart enough to realize those are the games of the young and a major part of the reason for the aches and pains I feel while getting out of bed each morning.

So, what's on my bucket list? The top five?

While my ambitions may be far less physical in nature this days, there are still no doubt a great deal of  challenges:

1.  Publish a novel. Note, I didn't say write a book. That's the easy part for some people. Being a published author is a peer group I've longed to join.

2.  Speak a foreign language effectively. Like a lot of folks, I know my fair share of phrases in Spanish, Italian and Russian. Could I go to a country where one of those is the primary language and effectively communicate? Don't think so. (No cracks about living in a country where Spanish is the primary language already either)

3.  Go to China on a missions trip...or two. Why China? I'm still asking God that question myself in a Jonah-like manner.

#2 and #3 probably go hand-in-hand too. Seeing that I work with a gentleman from China....yeah...I know. God's obviously doing His part to make these two happen. Good thing I don't live by a large body of water.

4.  Finish my graduate degree. Hearing Joyce address the challenges of finishing a doctorate, I'm not sure why this one is on my list, maybe I want a reason for my kids to address me as 'The Doc.'

5.  Take my whole family to Hawaii.  I've lived there. My wife and I honeymooned there. But, I'd like to take the whole crew for a two week stay in my second favorite place to live in the world and renew my wedding vows with my beautiful love.  Maybe that's what I'll do with the proceeds from my book sales...Lord willing.

God bless and have a great weekend everyone!!

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Joyce Lighari said...

You can do it Tony - it is a challenge but if I can do it at my age, you can do it as a "young chap." And Hawaii is on my list too just a little further down. Unlike you, I've never been there.
Another thing that is on my list but much further down is to take history trips - one would be the major civil rights movement locations - sort of like a pilgrimage - the other, is to take a Civil War battalion (right word?) and follow it to the various battle sites... I could go on - I'm at my laptop now rather than the iPad but I won't....