Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Wishing on a Star

I didn’t grow up in a church that observed Advent.   Being Pentecostal, they didn’t follow the liturgical calendar.   It wasn’t until a few years ago when I was pastoring a church that I plunged into the concept of the liturgical calendar, lectionary preaching, and of course, advent.

The theology of the season is so rich.  Here is a short clip to help you understand it.

The theme this week is hope.  I recently heard a saying:  The last thing to die is hope.  Wow!  That hit me.  You see, I know what it is to lose hope.  You can lose many things but when your hope is dead, so are you.  I was a walking zombie.  Once I was the proverbial optimist.  Life would always get better.  When it didn’t and it kept crashing in on me, my hope was gone, and I became a pessimist.

Sadly, the pessimistic tendencies have lingered.  I fight at time to hold on to hope   With tenacity, I hold on to it determined to never lose hope again.  It is because of the power of hope that I felt led of the Lord to name the ministry I felt He wanted to birth in me, The Age of Hope Ministries…

The scripture the Lord gave me was Romans 8:24… Hope that is seen is not hope at all…

Hope is not wishing upon a star.  Hope is that inner drive that tells us to keep going.  It is that thing that even against all hope, we hope – why? Because we know Jesus.  It is clinging to what the old timer’s called the Blessed Hope – the hope in the return of Jesus.  No not just the day He comes again and changes everything for the whole world, but when He comes to me in my despair, sadness, and despite my pessimism helps me get up.

When all else fails, that’s what I cling to… I hold on to it and scrape myself off the floor of despair and broken dreams and keep moving.

Monday, November 28, 2011: Colossians 1:3-27

Tuesday, November 29, 2011: Psalms 130

Wednesday, November 30, 2011: Lamentations 3:21-33

Thursday, December 1, 2011: Ephesians 1:3-15

Friday, December 2, 2011: Hebrews 7:11-28

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent - Hope

Yesterday was the first day of Advent for 2011. According to the World English Dictionary the word advent is defined as:  an arrival or coming, especially one which is awaited.

Many children will begin opening an Advent calendar on the first day of December as their countdown to presents. I love presents too (sure, it’s great to be the giver but I love receiving just as much), but Advent is much more than the countdown to opening presents. A true Advent season waits with anticipation of the Gift, which is Christ. Some churches celebrate Advent, others hardly acknowledge it. I’ve attended both types of churches but since I was 20, I’ve celebrated Advent through daily Bible readings, directed towards the 4 themes for each week of Advent – hope, joy, peace, love.

Join the Kingdom Bloggers each day for a personal reflection on the week’s theme; included each day will be a Bible reading which will engage you into the theme of Advent as well. We welcome your comments and Christmas Advent memories.


My Man has been watching Occupy Vancouver (a takeoff from Occupy Wall Street) with great interest, but as he watches the news, he is more and more frustrated and agitated by them. A few Facebook friends have also commented about our local situation with disdain and judgement. I understand their judgement. It’s easy to criticize the behaviour but when we look at the heart, as the Lord does, we see they have lost hope so this is the very best they can do to try to summon up hope.

I see hopelessness or misdirected hope all the time; what’s most difficult is when I realize many people prefer to carry on hoping in the ridiculous, rather than Jesus, who is the hope of the nations. My hope is in Jesus and the promises of God – everyone else or everything else will fail me but Jesus and the promise will never fail.

Romans 3:23 says that we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but Colossians 1:27 explain the antidote for lost glory, which is Christ in us, the hope of glory. This is incredible. Through Christ, we can have it all because it was paid for by the cross. Truly this is the hope Hebrews 11:1 refers to, “now faith if being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

And hope is not only for the future but it is for now as well. Proverbs 13:12 says, hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. We don’t have sick hearts because through Christ and the new covenant, we are given a new heart and our longings are fulfilled. Instead of choosing from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which satisfies only the soul, we can pick and eat from the tree of life, which satisfies our spirit.

This is hope, and it is Christ who has come into the world and is coming again.

Is Christ your hope?

WeeklyAdvent Bible Reading Plan:

Monday, November 28, 2011:  Colossians 1:3-27
Tuesday, November 29, 2011:  Psalms 130
Wednesday, November 30, 2011:  Lamentations 3:21-33
Thursday, December 1, 2011:  Ephesians 1:3-15
Friday, December 2, 2011:  Hebrews 7:11-28

Friday, November 25, 2011

Seriously Peter?! You call that a tip...

I really wanted to agree with Andrea and answer Peter to this question, but...

Peter is one of my favorite people in the Bible because, well, we have a lot of things in common. The biggest being we both react before we think at times. That being said...I'll say John the Disciple would be my choice.

Now, I love the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. But, John's story of Jesus is not only unique by content (90% unique to the other three), I believe the insights of John are also unique to the others who were around Christ during His entire ministry. The Bible is clear about John being one of the 'inner circle' of Jesus. John is also referred to as the beloved one which points to a special relationship with Him.

So what did John know that maybe the other disciples didn't?

That would be the driving question in my conversation with him. John undoubtedly fully understood the relationship of Jesus in the Trinity. Right out the gate in John 1:1, he tries to give us a glimpse of that deeper understanding by saying Jesus always was and always will be. I must confessed...the concept still baffles me a bit, but then again...I'm not meant to completely understand the ways of God. I'm cool with that, but I know John could get me at least a little closer in my quest.

God revealed things to John about the end times that had to be completely astonishing to him. We'd spend a good deal of time on that subject. I don't fear end times in any way, but I am very curious about how matters of eschatology are going down. No way I can be in that boat alone.

Next to possibly Mary, I believe John knew Jesus better than any other human has, including Paul. Now there's absolutely no biblical basis for what I'm about to say, but I can't help but thing John shared much of his insight with Paul at some point. Sure, we know that John was well into his church building when Paul got his life changing face-to-face with Jesus, but that doesn't exclude them from an undocumented chat session or two swapping stories about the awesomeness of God walking among us.

Wow. John could really tie up a few lose ends for me personally. While it wouldn't change the way I feel about my Lord and Savior...I'd sure have yet another thing or two to smile about daily.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. God bless your weekend too!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Letter to Mary the Mother of G-D

A letter written by me,
to Mary, the mother of G-D. I have imagined what it would have been like to have a friend that would understand how I felt, when I found myself pregnant, at 17 and all alone. I so needed someone in whom I could
confide . There was no such a person available to me. I further wondered, if I met Mary what would happen?
Mary was about 15 when she was pregnant. I thought, she might understand me in ways, others could not.

Dear Mary
I don’t know if you will ever realize just how much I appreciated your kindness at the well this morning.
I was feeling so alone, as I find myself pregnant at 17. I didn’t realize, until today, that you are so young yourself…15??? I would have never guessed.

What was so life giving to me, about our encounter, is that you understood the shame of not being married while carrying your own child . I have felt such shame and rejection. How about you? I know I have brought this upon myself, but you have not judged me.
How was it when you told your parents? I can imagine that it was not easy, as a matter of fact, it was probably one of the hardest things you ever did. Did you see disappointment in their eyes, like I did? Did you worry
that they would disown you? Was your heart beating so fast within your ches that you thought they could hear it? I know mine was beating a million beats a minute.
After the initial shock wore off, my parents were kinder than I expected. I guess they were able to draw from deep within themselves, the love they had, for me. I know, when I have children of my own, I want to show them such love. I am sure they wondered if they failed, as my parents.
Joseph…Oh Joseph!!!... I forgot about him! Have you told him yet? I shouldn’t take such liberty with you, as we have only met…but is he the
father of your child? I mean, when I think about it, who else could it be? I
hope he doesn’t reject you. I know that you and he have had great plans for
your future.
As for me, unfortunately the father of my child will not marry me. Why
is the female always to blame? Oh yes, I have confessed my transgression to our G-D Almighty but most men think it okay for the woman to bear consequences of such wrongs. I know that is their way, but Mary, I will
tell you that deep inside me, I am so angry it is so.
Your Joseph seems like an honorable man and I am sure that he will do the right thing.

Even though we are both pregnant …young and all… your pregnancy seems different. I can’t put my finger on it, but it does. Somehow
though, that doesn’t seem to matter. The highlight of our conversation was that you have compassion on me and an understanding that not many people have.
One thing I have always noticed about you is that you seem to have such a devotion to Almighty G-D. It seems to me that it is a connection, very few have. I have to admit that I am jealous of that, in a good way though. I want to learn to seek Him, so that whatever He asks me to do, I will do it. I imagine you are one who would have a quick obedience. I don’t want to assume that your trusting has always been automatic…you seem to have more experience with G-D, to know you can trust Him.
I have wondered…I hope you don’t think this question is very silly…but have you ever seen angels? The reason I ask that is, I know people who have a deep relationship with G-D, have claimed such appearances. I am not kidding, I have heard that. I don’t know whether to believe that. But as I lay in bed, this morning, I thought…”if there is anyone, who I would guess could see angels, it would be Mary.’’
Thank you again for not rejecting me. It means so much.
Perhaps what makes that easier is on some level, you understand so many nuances about a pregnancy, without marriage.
I pray for the health of your child. I ask G-D to give you a good pregnancy and safe delivery. I pray for you and Joseph and your future
together. I will ask you to pray for me too.
I know that you study G-D’s word for information, but you pause and meditate on it…what is the word I would like to use?…oh yes…you seem to ponder it…deep  within. I want that kind of trusting devotion.
Thank G-D that He sent me a friend like you.
With love in my heart,
Your new friend,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Nikki and I have read the story of Joseph to our kids many times and afterwards we point out that through God, when things may look bad, our circumstances can change dramatically for the better by the end of the day. I have noticed that the way the kid's stories read, no matter which "version", Joseph was innocent and undeserving of any harsh treatment. This kinda perplexed me, after all, is there anyone in the bible that doesn't have something negative written about them?

At 17 years old Joseph was spoiled and he was a snitch. Look at it, his brothers couldn't speak to him without contempt and cursing. But that didn't keep Joseph from declaring his dreams of lordship over them. TWICE! As if being a daddy's boy and being a self important punk wasn't enough, he was either lazy or scared. Because when his brothers went out to work, Joseph hung out at home, until daddy got after him.

Then Joseph got lost looking for his brothers. Was it because he took his own sweet time to try to catch up to them or was he just clueless? On top of it all Joseph made it a point to wear the coat that daddy gave him. Was it the only coat he had or did he want to "remind" his older brothers how important he thought he was?

I cannot determine why God's favor rested upon Joseph after he was sold to Potiphar. Maybe it was after getting sold into slavery that Joseph realized he wasn't so special after all. Maybe reflecting upon how his life had been spared, Joseph was humbled. I don't know. I do find it interesting that Joseph fell into a similar trap with his boss' wife that he did with his older brothers. Was Joseph so unaware of his surroundings and the people around him that he could not pick up on their negative spirits? Or was it Joseph didn't learn from a previous mistake. In both circumstances, with his brothers and Potiphar's wife, Joseph was aware of the bad intentions of both. Yet he fell right into both of traps. Was he so self-confidant that he thought he was untouchable, that he didn't need to keep his guard up. Or was Joseph so naive that he didn't learn the fact that if his family could betray him, why wouldn't a selfish, libidinous woman?

Either way, Joseph failed to recognize his weakness and what was going on around him. He made the same mistake twice and both times it was very costly to his personal freedom.

But again, the favor of God is upon Joseph and he prospers running the prison. (A lot more to run than a household, maybe?) Did God's favor ever leave Joseph? I don't think so, I don't believe God is as fickle as people are when it comes to making mistakes.

It seems to me that Joseph was gifted at organization and leadership because of him being able to run Potiphar's house and the prison smoothly and later he would run the entire nation of Egypt. Which shows that first Joseph was faithful in the smaller things and the Lord increased him with bigger responsibilities.

Even after correctly interpreting the dreams of the baker and the cup bearer, Joseph was still imprisoned for two years. Think of that! Word must have gotten back to Joseph about what happened to the baker and the cup bearer, but he was still stuck in prison. Do you think he questioned God's purpose in his life? Do you think he ever asked God, "Why me?" Maybe Joseph asked God, "How much longer?" or "How much more do I gotta put up with?"
  • I have been targeted by family and coworkers
  • My attitude or words have brought out the worst in the people around me
  • I have not learned from past mistakes
  • I have been faithful in the natural and Spiritual gifts God has given me.
  • I have used my skills or Gifts and have them seem to go unappreciated?
I know I have been a punk towards God, my family, friends coworkers and strangers.  I know that I can do better and I continue to press forward.  I also know that God judges the my motivations and not the successes of my work.  And if God does this for me, He does it for you.

I think everyone has endured along the lines of Joseph and if that's the case, then why can't you be blessed like Joseph. After all God doesn't love Joseph more than He loves YOU! There isn't anyone God loves more than YOU! (Go ahead an follow the links to those two verses and read how important you are to God)
So why can't you wake up one day in prison
and go to sleep that same night in a palace?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Long Lunch

I used to feel it was hard to follow David – Andrea just upped the ante with her post yesterday. Unlike Andrea, I have not had an instantaneous answer to who I’d want to hang with…In fact, I am still thinking about it.

I’ve shared before how when asked a similar ice breaker question, if you could pick a man from the Bible to be your spouse, who would it be, I answered Lapidoth.  Why? Because he was the husband of Deborah in Judges – the only person to be both a prophet and judge beside Samuel.  I wanted to be Deborah.  However, that war part might have been difficult for me.  I’m a bit of a pacifist.

I tend to think the women in the Bible are underrated.  So today, and tomorrow could be different, I’m going to pick two New Testament women.  I suspect they knew each other so it would be nice to maybe just have lunch with both of them.  I’d pick Mary the mother of Jesus and Priscilla.

I’d want to meet with Mary after the ascension – not before.  I would like to know how she processed all that had happened.  I’d like to hear how she felt as her Son sent her home in Mark 3:31-32. What was it like when they couldn’t find Jesus after the Passover?  I’d like to hear how she felt when she was at the cross.  I’d like to hear how she was received within the community of believers in Jerusalem.  I’d also ask her the questions that sometimes divide Christians – what happened to Joseph and were there any other children born of that marriage.  Of course, I’d go back to the day the angel came and announced her impending pregnancy.  What did her parents say?  How did they react?  Oh, this would take more than one lunch.

Then I’d like to talk to Priscilla.  She knew Paul.  I’d ask her what he really meant by the passages that seem to exclude women and yet, how he elevated her as a teacher.  I’d ask her if she had written the book of Hebrews as is sometimes suggested.  I’d ask her what it was like to travel with Paul.  How did he feel about women?  I’d ask her if Junia was a female and an apostle (Romans 16:7).  Oh I think spending time with Priscilla would be intellectually stimulating and answer some of the questions that plaque women in ministry.

It would be a long lunch.  Usually that’s what happens when women get together to talk about the things of God – it goes on a long, long time. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Would You Choose?

If you could spend an afternoon with someone from the Bible (excluding Jesus), who would you choose? Would you spend some time with Esther? Or Moses? Maybe Solomon or Isaiah? Perhaps you’d choose someone from the New Testament – one of the disciples or Paul?

This week the writers at Kingdom Bloggers are strapped into a time machine and headed back to the past to spend an afternoon with someone we’ve only read about. Join us this week and let us know in the comments whom you’d want to spend an afternoon with.


When Linda suggested this for our theme, I didn’t even hesitate. I’d pick Peter because I relate to him. He had amazing insight about some things and other times, he was a buffoon. He loved Jesus, and yet he was quick to deny Jesus at his friend’s most crucial hour. Peter was a man of action, which he did often without thinking first. Peter got out of the boat and walked on water! Sure, we often talk about his lack of faith because he started to sink but where were the others? That’s right; they were still in the boat. Peter was the only one who got out of the boat and WALKED ON WATER!

If I spent the afternoon with Peter, I imagine it would go a little like this:

Me: When Jesus came by the marina and told you to follow him, what were you thinking when you left your boat?

Peter: I’d seen Jesus around; he seemed like a fun guy. I hadn’t spent any time with him before but when I saw him with others at the synagogue he was always making them laugh and I never heard one bad word said about him. He called me but actually I didn’t understand Jesus would be giving me a new job assignment. I didn’t know that I would be leaving my boat and career for good.

Me: What was the most shocking aspect of Jesus?

Peter: Jesus never got mad at me – frustrated, yes but never mad and I said and did some pretty stupid things. I’m a fisherman, you know, and not really educated. Jesus wasn’t educated in the temple either, he was a carpenter but he had an incredible presence that made people stop and stare. He was never self-conscious about it. He would always smile, especially at children. But I never saw him get mad at his friends.   

Me: What were you thinking when you got out of the boat?

Peter: At first, when we saw Jesus coming towards the boat, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought maybe I was tired but the other guys saw it too. I didn’t even think, I just asked Jesus to let me come to him if it was him and sure enough, he said, “Come.” I got out of the boat and took a few steps toward Jesus. A lot of people speculate that I lost faith, but I didn’t lose faith. I let my pride pull me down. I started thinking, “Hey, I’m walking on water. I can’t wait to tell the guys back at the marina,” and that’s when I started sinking. Jesus grabbed me, though and it was nothing for him to pull me back up and hold my weight and his. It was like he was walking on solid ground. Amazing.

Me: What were your thoughts about Paul? It seems like you didn’t get along very well.

Peter: Paul was alright, but we’re complete opposites and all of us were afraid of him, because you know, he was trying to kill us. It takes a lot to trust someone after that, even though he was clearly filled with the Spirit. I respect Paul and love him as my brother but we work best if we were each going our own way. When he confronted me, I knew he was right, but I hated it especially coming from Paul, the former terrorist to Christians, you know?

Me: One last question, the Bible says that when you walked by, people were healed in your shadow. Does it always happen now?

Peter: Naw, the funny thing, I didn’t even know about it until later when someone told me. I am comfortable with the presence of the Holy Spirit but I never get used to him and take him for granted. I am still in awe of the power, just like the first time when Jesus sent us out. It is raw and exhilarating but the best thing is about the Holy Spirit is I finally understand some of the things Jesus talked about and I can share it with others. A lot of people heard Jesus speak before he died and not many of us understood it at the time but once the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, it was like my mind became unlocked. It’s more exciting than the miracles.

What Biblical character would you like to meet?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Linda's List


Sorry, this is being sent out so late…I had a family issue that I had to attend to
I thought the subject was interesting. There was one answer that came immediately to mind and the others came with some thought.

1.   I have a desire to visit Poland, which is the birthplace of both sets of my grandparents. As hard as it would be, I would like to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka. I have felt for a long time that I had Jewish blood in my bloodline. As far as any relatives that I have had, there was no talk about this. It is hard to explain…it just feels like a “knowing”. I have had a couple of trusted Christian people confirm that “by the Spirit”. I just found out friends of mine had DNA tests done to confirm that in their bloodline was Native American. I am assuming, I could find more through that route.  I also want to visit Israel to be in the land and walk the places that our Lord walked and lived.
2.   I have a desire to institute a Christian Creative Arts Workshop in my area of Connecticut. I have long wanted to share fellowship and ideas and encouragement with other artists. I went to one last summer in CT down by the shore and it changed me.

3.   I would like to learn better myself in all the creative aspects of my artistic gifting…Writing more…learning to draw better…paint with more passion. I want my art work to “mean something” for the Kingdom of God As an expression of the Lord’s love to the world. I used to think the ultimate was to write :”the” book…that doesn’t seem as important to me, although if that happens, that’s fine…but I just want to write, draw, paint and create to show His beauty to the world.

4.    4.  I would love to take a cross country trip with my husband. We talked years ago, about getting a self contained camper and going all around the country. It think there are so many beautiful places that we would love to see. Now with the economy, the price of gas and our financial state…that doesn’t “seem” to be a thing that can happen, anytime too soon but it sure would be great. Also, while we were traveling, I would like us to have an itinerant ministry. He and I have ministered together in the past and it was a wonderful tandem effort that we would use. It was like, as a couple, he would have one portion and I would have the next step. It’s hard to describe but we prayed for people like a well oiled machine, I also would love our Prophhetic Giftings to develop and grow in more accuracy with targeted life giving words for folks.

5.   OK…YES…YES…YES I WISH ( I am shouting) I had a techy friend who would sit on my shoulder and help me to learn all the good “stuff” I could be doing with my computer. I can read a book but it is a no-go for me…I have to “see” it and try it. So, this “person” would work for free (I’ll supply the bed and the meals and conversation and recommendations). I would at the very least like to have someone available to answer my questions when they come up and not think they are “stupid” questions *smile* But, I’ll have to admit, I have come a long way baby from where I was with computers, when I began, to where I am right now. 

Sorry Tanya Tucker...Texas is definitely not as close as I've been to Heaven.

 One thing I made sure of during my time in the Marine Corps, I went to every available speciality school I could get an officer's slot to attend. With that being said, there aren't a lot of  'adventerous' type items on my personal bucket list.

Sure...I'd love to leave the back of a helicopter for a low-level jump just one more time or dive in deep, open waters alone to prove my mustard at underwater navigation, but I'm smart enough to realize those are the games of the young and a major part of the reason for the aches and pains I feel while getting out of bed each morning.

So, what's on my bucket list? The top five?

While my ambitions may be far less physical in nature this days, there are still no doubt a great deal of  challenges:

1.  Publish a novel. Note, I didn't say write a book. That's the easy part for some people. Being a published author is a peer group I've longed to join.

2.  Speak a foreign language effectively. Like a lot of folks, I know my fair share of phrases in Spanish, Italian and Russian. Could I go to a country where one of those is the primary language and effectively communicate? Don't think so. (No cracks about living in a country where Spanish is the primary language already either)

3.  Go to China on a missions trip...or two. Why China? I'm still asking God that question myself in a Jonah-like manner.

#2 and #3 probably go hand-in-hand too. Seeing that I work with a gentleman from China....yeah...I know. God's obviously doing His part to make these two happen. Good thing I don't live by a large body of water.

4.  Finish my graduate degree. Hearing Joyce address the challenges of finishing a doctorate, I'm not sure why this one is on my list, maybe I want a reason for my kids to address me as 'The Doc.'

5.  Take my whole family to Hawaii.  I've lived there. My wife and I honeymooned there. But, I'd like to take the whole crew for a two week stay in my second favorite place to live in the world and renew my wedding vows with my beautiful love.  Maybe that's what I'll do with the proceeds from my book sales...Lord willing.

God bless and have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Travel with a purpose

A few months ago one of my desired items was an iPad. As I struggle to type on it, only because I am a quick touch keyboarder, I consider the irony of doing my blog about bucket lists on it. I just cant type fast enough for a blog. And if you see more typos, that is why.
My bucket list centers around travel and intangibles.
1. All my family happy and settled.
2. Visit Italy and Israel.
3. A very long visit to Norway to see family and do ministry. It was prophecied that I would "build" lit houses and churches in Norway during many trips because of generational blessing. I want to see that fulfilled.
4. I want to see a broadway play.
5. Most important, I am still trying to find and fulfill my purpose. When I do I want to here well done good and faithful servant.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Bucket List

When the movie, The Bucket List came out in 2007, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, people started talking about their own bucket lists. Having goals to achieve before you die wasn’t new but the movie seemed to give license to speak freely about it. This week on Kingdom Bloggers, we’re writing about 5 items on our bucket list and why they are important to us.


My Bucket List

ONE: Many items on my bucket list have changed since the movie came out in 2007, but one thing remains on my list – make a visit to the Holy Land and in particular the Exodus route and worship on Mt. Sinai. I’ve been a student of the OT for more than 13 years and I’ve loved the stories and lessons learned from the emerging holy nation. I long to worship, as the Israelites did on Mt. Sinai, proclaiming the glorious nature of God and his desire for an intimate relationship with each individual, as well as corporately.
TWO: We’ve been sponsoring a boy in the D.R. Congo, about the same age as my Boy for almost 2 years. I have a particular desire to see the terrible misogyny rampart in the country to be eradicated and as much as I want to help one girl at a time, I can better serve and pray for the upcoming male generation that will impact the future treatment of females. I want to meet our sponsored child, Theodore, and to express my love for him and his generation. I pray that he will be a man of influence that will impact the government in his country. For more information about the D.R. Congo and its political unrest, check out this blog, The King Effect.

THREE: I’d love to take a cooking class, preferably with my Man, although it’s not something that is on his bucket list, so I’m satisfied to taste and sample with a like-minded friend. I’m not very partial to what kind of cooking class, although I’d gravitate towards Mexican or Greek or Thai foods.
FOUR: Beth Moore has taught me more about the Bible than anyone I know (or don’t know). I love her and her style of teaching. I’ve never met her but I would like to make a real connection and if I can go so far as to dream, I would like to speak at a conference where both she and I were the speakers.
FIVE: My next item on my list is a new addition, simply because before I didn’t see it as a remote possibility but I would like to pray and watch God raise a man from the dead (or a woman, I’m not partial). Matthew 10 and Luke 10 both are instructions from Jesus to raise the dead (and cast out demons, cleanse the lepers and heal the sick). A friend of mine called it a ‘cool party trick’ but she desires to show love to everyone. What is more loving than to give someone life? If Jesus said we should do it, then I believe it’s possible and it’s not just a ‘cool party trick’.
What are some things on your bucket list?