Friday, November 18, 2011

Linda's List


Sorry, this is being sent out so late…I had a family issue that I had to attend to
I thought the subject was interesting. There was one answer that came immediately to mind and the others came with some thought.

1.   I have a desire to visit Poland, which is the birthplace of both sets of my grandparents. As hard as it would be, I would like to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka. I have felt for a long time that I had Jewish blood in my bloodline. As far as any relatives that I have had, there was no talk about this. It is hard to explain…it just feels like a “knowing”. I have had a couple of trusted Christian people confirm that “by the Spirit”. I just found out friends of mine had DNA tests done to confirm that in their bloodline was Native American. I am assuming, I could find more through that route.  I also want to visit Israel to be in the land and walk the places that our Lord walked and lived.
2.   I have a desire to institute a Christian Creative Arts Workshop in my area of Connecticut. I have long wanted to share fellowship and ideas and encouragement with other artists. I went to one last summer in CT down by the shore and it changed me.

3.   I would like to learn better myself in all the creative aspects of my artistic gifting…Writing more…learning to draw better…paint with more passion. I want my art work to “mean something” for the Kingdom of God As an expression of the Lord’s love to the world. I used to think the ultimate was to write :”the” book…that doesn’t seem as important to me, although if that happens, that’s fine…but I just want to write, draw, paint and create to show His beauty to the world.

4.    4.  I would love to take a cross country trip with my husband. We talked years ago, about getting a self contained camper and going all around the country. It think there are so many beautiful places that we would love to see. Now with the economy, the price of gas and our financial state…that doesn’t “seem” to be a thing that can happen, anytime too soon but it sure would be great. Also, while we were traveling, I would like us to have an itinerant ministry. He and I have ministered together in the past and it was a wonderful tandem effort that we would use. It was like, as a couple, he would have one portion and I would have the next step. It’s hard to describe but we prayed for people like a well oiled machine, I also would love our Prophhetic Giftings to develop and grow in more accuracy with targeted life giving words for folks.

5.   OK…YES…YES…YES I WISH ( I am shouting) I had a techy friend who would sit on my shoulder and help me to learn all the good “stuff” I could be doing with my computer. I can read a book but it is a no-go for me…I have to “see” it and try it. So, this “person” would work for free (I’ll supply the bed and the meals and conversation and recommendations). I would at the very least like to have someone available to answer my questions when they come up and not think they are “stupid” questions *smile* But, I’ll have to admit, I have come a long way baby from where I was with computers, when I began, to where I am right now. 

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Joyce Lighari said...

You know I wish I were close by, I'd be your computer helper and you and I could do artsy things together too...