Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Travel with a purpose

A few months ago one of my desired items was an iPad. As I struggle to type on it, only because I am a quick touch keyboarder, I consider the irony of doing my blog about bucket lists on it. I just cant type fast enough for a blog. And if you see more typos, that is why.
My bucket list centers around travel and intangibles.
1. All my family happy and settled.
2. Visit Italy and Israel.
3. A very long visit to Norway to see family and do ministry. It was prophecied that I would "build" lit houses and churches in Norway during many trips because of generational blessing. I want to see that fulfilled.
4. I want to see a broadway play.
5. Most important, I am still trying to find and fulfill my purpose. When I do I want to here well done good and faithful servant.


Linda said...

As someone who has walked with you a long time, I hope we are still as closely connected as we are now, so that I can see and celebrate with you, the fulfillment of your dreams. I can envision each and every one happen and I pray that they wiil

Joyce Lighari said...

Lin, we have to stay forever friends... and close.