Monday, November 14, 2011

The Bucket List

When the movie, The Bucket List came out in 2007, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, people started talking about their own bucket lists. Having goals to achieve before you die wasn’t new but the movie seemed to give license to speak freely about it. This week on Kingdom Bloggers, we’re writing about 5 items on our bucket list and why they are important to us.


My Bucket List

ONE: Many items on my bucket list have changed since the movie came out in 2007, but one thing remains on my list – make a visit to the Holy Land and in particular the Exodus route and worship on Mt. Sinai. I’ve been a student of the OT for more than 13 years and I’ve loved the stories and lessons learned from the emerging holy nation. I long to worship, as the Israelites did on Mt. Sinai, proclaiming the glorious nature of God and his desire for an intimate relationship with each individual, as well as corporately.
TWO: We’ve been sponsoring a boy in the D.R. Congo, about the same age as my Boy for almost 2 years. I have a particular desire to see the terrible misogyny rampart in the country to be eradicated and as much as I want to help one girl at a time, I can better serve and pray for the upcoming male generation that will impact the future treatment of females. I want to meet our sponsored child, Theodore, and to express my love for him and his generation. I pray that he will be a man of influence that will impact the government in his country. For more information about the D.R. Congo and its political unrest, check out this blog, The King Effect.

THREE: I’d love to take a cooking class, preferably with my Man, although it’s not something that is on his bucket list, so I’m satisfied to taste and sample with a like-minded friend. I’m not very partial to what kind of cooking class, although I’d gravitate towards Mexican or Greek or Thai foods.
FOUR: Beth Moore has taught me more about the Bible than anyone I know (or don’t know). I love her and her style of teaching. I’ve never met her but I would like to make a real connection and if I can go so far as to dream, I would like to speak at a conference where both she and I were the speakers.
FIVE: My next item on my list is a new addition, simply because before I didn’t see it as a remote possibility but I would like to pray and watch God raise a man from the dead (or a woman, I’m not partial). Matthew 10 and Luke 10 both are instructions from Jesus to raise the dead (and cast out demons, cleanse the lepers and heal the sick). A friend of mine called it a ‘cool party trick’ but she desires to show love to everyone. What is more loving than to give someone life? If Jesus said we should do it, then I believe it’s possible and it’s not just a ‘cool party trick’.
What are some things on your bucket list?


David-FireAndGrace said...

I have a bucket list -
1. Walk in the destiny that God has for me to write, to minister in power and to travel. It's very exciting.

2. See the world with my family.

3. Have more creative time.

4. Have more time for relationships.

5. Meet the Kingdom Bloggers.

Linda said...

Hi Andrea
I like this subject and I am glad to have a little time to think about it.I once read that Smith Wigglesworth took a dead man by the lapels and kind of threw him against the wall...he came alive! ( well probably most of us would too *smile*)
At a Conference in Toronto, my husband and I sat behind his was amazing and of course we asked her to lay hands on us.
I too like Beth Moore...the Word comes alive to me with her teaching and I am always stirred and excited about God's word, after listening to her.