Friday, November 25, 2011

Seriously Peter?! You call that a tip...

I really wanted to agree with Andrea and answer Peter to this question, but...

Peter is one of my favorite people in the Bible because, well, we have a lot of things in common. The biggest being we both react before we think at times. That being said...I'll say John the Disciple would be my choice.

Now, I love the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. But, John's story of Jesus is not only unique by content (90% unique to the other three), I believe the insights of John are also unique to the others who were around Christ during His entire ministry. The Bible is clear about John being one of the 'inner circle' of Jesus. John is also referred to as the beloved one which points to a special relationship with Him.

So what did John know that maybe the other disciples didn't?

That would be the driving question in my conversation with him. John undoubtedly fully understood the relationship of Jesus in the Trinity. Right out the gate in John 1:1, he tries to give us a glimpse of that deeper understanding by saying Jesus always was and always will be. I must confessed...the concept still baffles me a bit, but then again...I'm not meant to completely understand the ways of God. I'm cool with that, but I know John could get me at least a little closer in my quest.

God revealed things to John about the end times that had to be completely astonishing to him. We'd spend a good deal of time on that subject. I don't fear end times in any way, but I am very curious about how matters of eschatology are going down. No way I can be in that boat alone.

Next to possibly Mary, I believe John knew Jesus better than any other human has, including Paul. Now there's absolutely no biblical basis for what I'm about to say, but I can't help but thing John shared much of his insight with Paul at some point. Sure, we know that John was well into his church building when Paul got his life changing face-to-face with Jesus, but that doesn't exclude them from an undocumented chat session or two swapping stories about the awesomeness of God walking among us.

Wow. John could really tie up a few lose ends for me personally. While it wouldn't change the way I feel about my Lord and Savior...I'd sure have yet another thing or two to smile about daily.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. God bless your weekend too!


Linda Maynard said...

Hi Tony...
I would also say that John has been a person I would like to meet.
1)...I read somewhere that John was the only Apostle that was not martyred. I know...I know...I should be willing...BUT
2)...Is this only in a painting of the Last Supper, but is John the one who lay on the Savior's Breast? Also, not sure if this is a fact but heard that he was Jesus' closest disciple ( friend)
3)...In a couple of Gospels it notes that the wife of Zebedee ( James and John's mother) asked if they could sit in a place of honor...on the right and on the left of Jesus and then in another Gospel, it said that they themselves asked (shows me he wasn't perfect)
4) He was asked by Jesus, at the cross, to care for His mother. Jesus wouldn't have entrusted her care to just anyone.
5) The Revelation of John...well WOW
Enjoyed your post

Anonymous said...

I love, love , love your post titles Tony C. Sometimes I have to really think to make the connection though.

Kingdom Bloggers is a daily read for me. Thank you! You are a gifted group of writers, and I hope God blesses each of you mightily for your service.