Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Long Lunch

I used to feel it was hard to follow David – Andrea just upped the ante with her post yesterday. Unlike Andrea, I have not had an instantaneous answer to who I’d want to hang with…In fact, I am still thinking about it.

I’ve shared before how when asked a similar ice breaker question, if you could pick a man from the Bible to be your spouse, who would it be, I answered Lapidoth.  Why? Because he was the husband of Deborah in Judges – the only person to be both a prophet and judge beside Samuel.  I wanted to be Deborah.  However, that war part might have been difficult for me.  I’m a bit of a pacifist.

I tend to think the women in the Bible are underrated.  So today, and tomorrow could be different, I’m going to pick two New Testament women.  I suspect they knew each other so it would be nice to maybe just have lunch with both of them.  I’d pick Mary the mother of Jesus and Priscilla.

I’d want to meet with Mary after the ascension – not before.  I would like to know how she processed all that had happened.  I’d like to hear how she felt as her Son sent her home in Mark 3:31-32. What was it like when they couldn’t find Jesus after the Passover?  I’d like to hear how she felt when she was at the cross.  I’d like to hear how she was received within the community of believers in Jerusalem.  I’d also ask her the questions that sometimes divide Christians – what happened to Joseph and were there any other children born of that marriage.  Of course, I’d go back to the day the angel came and announced her impending pregnancy.  What did her parents say?  How did they react?  Oh, this would take more than one lunch.

Then I’d like to talk to Priscilla.  She knew Paul.  I’d ask her what he really meant by the passages that seem to exclude women and yet, how he elevated her as a teacher.  I’d ask her if she had written the book of Hebrews as is sometimes suggested.  I’d ask her what it was like to travel with Paul.  How did he feel about women?  I’d ask her if Junia was a female and an apostle (Romans 16:7).  Oh I think spending time with Priscilla would be intellectually stimulating and answer some of the questions that plaque women in ministry.

It would be a long lunch.  Usually that’s what happens when women get together to talk about the things of God – it goes on a long, long time. 

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Linda Jane Catherine Kosinski Maynard said...

Hi Joyce...
I liked your entry and the idea of thinking about who, in the Bible, I might want to be married to. I think I would pick John. He seemed to be one of the closest to Jesus and therefore,my access to Jesus would be increased by that fact. I could have Him over for dinner with a few close friends.
Also, John seems to me to be a tender man and I like that quality in men.
Your choice of Lapidoth doesn't surprise me because of Deborah. Maybe you would be a "physical warrior"...I see you as having a "fighter" in you to fight for justice.
I too would like to ask Priscilla what the passages about women really were all about too Linda