Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flowers That Testify of Jesus

There is a lot of power in a testimony. For the one giving theirs, it is a chance to remember what life was like before Jesus, and an opportunity to give Praise and to be thankful to Him.
For the hearer, it opens doors into the possibility for the Lord to work in their lives too.
 I am a Calligrapher, Artist, a Crafter, a Writer, a Clown ( not kidding) as well as a Floral Designer. I am learning more and more, how these gifts can bring honor to the Lord, as I present them, not only as a function, but as an offering to others .
Picture a floral shop, the sights are mesmerizing and the scents are intoxicating. In that setting, I could see me as a work in progress…a flower arrangement.
While making a floral arrangement, you start with an idea. You have a finished piece in mind before you execute this plan. You are not planning to haphazardly throw things together.  Each addition has a purpose in the whole vision.
It starts with a foundation, maybe a vase or a basket. I see my beginning. I was placed in a container… my mother’s womb to ultimately mirror Jesus’ beauty to the world. The Lord had a plan and a future for my life.  He kept me safe there.He sees the beginning and the end.
For the natural flower piece, you would next, insert a product called the oasis.
Even from the beginning, the oasis placed in my life, was dry and brittle. Sins of omission and commission were committed by me. Abuse of every kind was directed at me. Until I asked for forgiveness and offered forgiveness, my heart remained dry.
My turning to Jesus, started with a question of a young child. She asked “Miss Leenda  ( Linda)…do you know Jayzus? (Jesus). (she’s from the south y’all!)
“Emily, yes I know Jesus!” Honestly, I was insulted that this little girl was asking ME, if I knew Jesus! Of course I knew Jesus! Besides, I always knew there was a God. I mean why, I went to church for years and to the one and only true church at that.  And besides all that, what is it with this family? WHY is this family always saying the name of JESUS???
The oasis of my heart was slowly receiving refreshing water in preparation for the beautiful creation to come forth.
 Emily’s question nagged at me, until I was at a Christian Woman’s breakfast and realized, that although I believed in God…I had to admit that I knew “about” Jesus but I didn’t “know” Jesus.
There, I surrendered my will to the One who would give me life. A dam let go inside of me. I cried tears of relief. I sensed understanding of all my pain and regret.
The oasis was continuing to get wetter.
While, making an arrangement, you have a focal point. From that day forward, Jesus would become my focus and the reason I lived.
As I took nourishment from the Word, the background of my life came alive. Greens were the first to be put into the oasis, depicting a safe place and a hidden place.
Then beautiful flowers of every color and design, were added, one by one. These colors represented different parts of my life.  They would burst forth in beauty for ashes.
I didn’t notice at first, but there seemed to be dead stalks encroaching on my design. They were sins I had hidden or anger that I justified. They marred the beauty of who I was created to be. They had to be removed but I was unable to do that alone. I cried out for help.
As time went on, the original idea came into focus again. There were more flowers of a myriad of colors, lovingly added. They spoke to me of hope and love… mercy and forgiveness. It started to  take shape and resemble what first saw as a beautiful floral expression.
My arrangement is airy, like a spring bouquet.  There is nothing tight and contained about it. The composition reminds me of freedom.
However, I need to water the arrangement daily. If not, my soul will die. If I failed to get soaked, with the water of the Word of God, I would wither .No matter how pretty, that could happen in a short time.  That reminds me to gather fresh manna each day. I cannot rely on the past, but rather go forward in health and freshness.
The “customer” (Jesus) is pleased with the purchase He has made, willing to pay the full price for me. He looks at me and says…”She is beautiful and she was created by Me and for Me. Even when I saw the deadness in her, I knew that beauty would ultimately triumph.”
“I can’t wait to take her home but until then, I will showcase My creativity through her.”
“I pray that many others will want Me in the home of their hearts too.”
“She was worth every penny that she cost Me!  She is everything to Me!” 

 Linda Maynard

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