Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Has Your Back?

Who Has Your Back?

I thought, my husband, Marcel should write this. He is a war buff. He is not as interested in the blood and gore, as he is in studying what brought soldiers to victory.

So, what is MY strategy in spiritual battles?

The place to start off is basic. I have to believe that there is a war. God’s Word says it is a spiritual battle. We can sometimes go from one extreme to another. We can give the enemy of our souls way too much attention. On the other hand, we can deny there is a war.

There is a war. This does not negate the victory, which Jesus wrought for us, at the Cross, It is quite the opposite; it acknowledges that, because of the Victory He won, we can battle the powers of darkness from a position of authority and power.

Rather than a strategy, I recognize my position in this battle. First, I am an Intercessor. Then, I am a Stretcher Bearer.

Intercession means going between and pleading for another…mediating or representing another. Jesus models this for us. He intercedes for us day and night.

I had quite dramatic experiences, a couple of times I prayed. It was not the norm, but it increased my faith to know, I was not just praying to the wind.

 I knew, by the Spirit of God, that I was praying for a man in a cabin in Maine. It was as if, I was soaring over the United States. God pinpointed this certain location. I saw it was Maine. As I zeroed in on it and zoomed towards it, it was as if, I pierced this man’s heart, with my words. I believe that this man had yet to come, to the saving knowledge of the Lord. However, the Lord knew him and where he lived in this remote area of Maine.

Another time, I could see a Middle Eastern woman. I was even given her name. Having been abused by her husband, she was missing some front teeth. She needed a “go between” to pray on her behalf.  She was not only in darkness physically, she was in darkness spiritually. There have been reports of the Lord Himself appearing to people in that region of the World. I prayed that she might encounter that type of revelation, but if not, that she would somehow hear the truth of Jesus.

One of the schemes of the enemy is that of blinding people to the truth. His plan for the unsaved is an attempt to keep them in darkness and deceived. Even the saved can be harassed. They can suffer the wounds of battle, especially when they are unaware of their standing in God and their authority thereof.

The other role is that of a Stretcher Bearer. This term came from WW1 when the wounded were carried out from the battle. I believe that the key here is that they were taken away from the fray to a safe place and then tended to.

There are people inside and out of the Body of Christ, who may need to be cared for.  Hurts…wounds…trauma… being pummeled by a barrage of slings and arrows and shots can all make a person helpless and battle weary.

It is really not as important to know how they came to be in need of help, as it is to help them. How is this accomplished? We can help them by offering them our presence and tenderness. Haven’t we all experienced medical personnel who are not compassionate at all? It makes us wonder how our attendants ever decided to go into the medical field. When the wounded experience authentic love and caring, they will know, deep within their soul that Jesus is a “real deal”.

I am convinced that many have interceded for me, before I accepted Christ into my life. Some were known to me. I believe with all of my heart, that many are nameless and faceless to me. Perhaps, when I go to meet the Lord, face to face, they will be revealed to me. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I have been carried by many stretcher bearers, when I stumbled and was battle weary. That happened often at the beginning of my walk. Sometimes, it still is true today.  I have had believers come beside me, while I needed healing and rest…respite and restoration. In turn, I have done the same.

We are called to love and “join the service,” so to speak. Am I standing in the gap for others, in prayer?  Am I willing to carry another? Do I rejoice with those who rejoice and also weep with those who weep? Will I sacrifice sleep and my personal “to do” list, to carry others in my heart? Can I be attentive to them…up close and personal?

Will you?

Linda Maynard


faithfulfeet said...

interesting ... few times we stop to think about! thx
blessings =)

Doug Spurling said...

"It is really not as important to know how they came to be in need of help, as it is to help them." Love it...
Prayer and bear - powerful warfare! Keep up the good fight.