Monday, February 13, 2012

When Day is Done... Love Remains by Linda Maynard

With Valentine’s Day in our midst, this week on Kingdom Bloggers, we will be giving honor to our spouses.
Through my experience as a Floral Designer, I know that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year. Some floral arrangements are chosen but Long Stemmed Red Roses lead the sales.
 I do remember one customer requesting a card whose theme was “Getting Out of the Dog House”. We didn’t carry such a card, so I drew one by hand. He actually showed up later in the day, to thank the girl who helped him to get out of the Dog House!
I guess we all have had those times….the good times and bad

Marcel and I have been married for 41 years. We got married on D- Day. I have mentioned in a previous post, that he is a war buff. I wanted to be a June bride and he was able to pick a date that he could remember, so D-Day it was.
We met, as we worked in the same Bank. I was a teller If there could be a job more ill suited for me, this was it. No one could leave for the day, until the whole bank was reconciled.  I was very often the one, who struggled balancing my window. My co workers were not happy campers. He became my “knight in shining armor” the day he gently touched my shoulder and said “Let me help you with that!”
He, by his own admission, cannot keep a surprise gift from me. The first year we were going out, right before Valentine’s Day, he incredulously blurted out “Do you realize how much roses cost?” But I did get the roses!
We hadn’t picked a particular song we could call “our song. So one day, we were at a dance and a Willie Nelson song played. It was, “You Were Always On my Mind”. It seemed to fit us and we decided it would officially be our song. Months later, someone asked Marcel if we had a special song and he said “Yep, it’s a Willie Nelson song… (I swear he was not joking when he said this)…It’s” On the Road Again”
At some point, he started to draw me homemade cards. I cherish those the most. He is not an artist by any means, but he puts his heart and soul into them. The card for our Anniversary one year, depicted soldiers dragging themselves onto the shores of Normandy. Inside, he said something about capturing the shores for me. (Remember D-Day)
After having surgery once, I groggily opened my eyes. There at the foot of my bed sat Marcel. I knew he was waiting…watching. That scene represented so well, who he was in my life. He would never leave me…he was like a watchman for me.
Years later, when my son Richard, who I gave up for adoption, committed suicide, Marcel insisted that I get a Mother’s Ring. He wanted me to have it with Sean, Melanie’s and Richard’s birthstones in it. Marcel was not Richard’s biological father .Doesn’t that gives you an idea of what an unselfish and giving person he is?
He may not ever have been a hopeless romantic, but he has been a faithful husband, he has always provided for his family, he has stayed by my side, during some tumultuous years, his is a good father and grandfather, he doesn’t forget me when he goes to Dunkin Donuts and remembers that I like my coffee   light with one Splenda. He started a Handy Man business, after he was laid off from a corporate job, so as to support us... He always has supported my art endeavors and many times was involved with the set up of said projects…always willing…always proud of me. Decent is a word that comes to me.
Will I get a dozen roses this year?...not sure. Will I get a homemade card?...that would be great. Does he take care of our finances?…he’s right on top of them. Will he serenade me, along with Wille?... I can already hear a faint rendition of “On the Road Again”
My friend says she cries at weddings, not as some do, because they are caught up in the romance of the day, but because she knows what a hard road is ahead for the couple.
Because of Marcel’s love, I have come to know a few things about the Lord’s love for me,
He is humble
He has a sincere heart
He is able to take care of me
He is an extravagant, sacrificial giver

And to think our love began with my weakness in organization and math!

“For all that has been, Thanks”
“For all that will be, yes”


Kerry Luddy said...

So sweet, Linda!

Joyce Lighari said...

I know your sweet husband and he is a good man - you are blessed! Thanks for sharing him with us through words and for those of us fortunate to have him shared with us in person, we are blessed.

Tony C said...

Very touching Linda. I celebrate your long union with you and wish you many more years together...then eternity!