Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"Do it because I said so!"
"That's the way we have always done it!"

Two phrases everyone has heard. The first, from a parent when growing up and the second usually on the job or maybe even at church.  Two phrases that I despise.  To me, when I hear these statements or ones similar, I get furious, I get exasperated.  I wonder how a person can be so thick headed, ignorant or lazy.

Now that I am a parent, I can understand why I heard those two phrases so much as a kid. "Why?" "Do I have to?" ""What about her?" "It's his turn!" "I did it the last time!" "BUT, why is that?" .......
I have dropped those two phrases on my 7 and 6 year old a couple of times outta my own frustration.  I am not excusing my laziness, I am just admitting I have been that lazy.

Now on the job, I absolutely despise hearing that ignorance and laziness come out of the mouths of coworkers, bosses and management.  I am appalled that another adult would think that sorta response to a legitimate question could be considered adequate.  I am amazed at how stubborn people can be when a new idea is proposed.  I am baffled by how much an individual's identity is wrapped up in their job and how they do it.

That is what disgusts me so much about religion.  People stupidly follow the same set of rules, procedures for doing things because that is 'the way we have always done it'.  'Leadership' deems itself above questioning or the possibility of another way that Holy Spirit could be moving.  People limit God because they are too comfortable, lazy, insecure or satisfied with their 'place' in the church.

Thankfully, I know that God is not above being questioned. He invites us to understand who He is and why He is God.  It doesn't mean we will get the answers we want or when we want them, but more than likely we ain't gonna ask Dad a question He ain't heard before.  I have also learned that God does not respond to my demanding tantrums, similar to how I ignore my kids' tantrums. 

This entry is kinda a rant and I suppose you can tell what the environment is at my work, huh?  Maybe it also reveals why my Sunday a.m. attendance ain't too consistent. I am hoping that my conclusion will show how God is so unlike us when it comes to asking people to do things His way.  I hope that the three verses below reveal how God desires that we understand why we do the things He asks. 

Psalm 119.27 
Psalm 119.34
Psalm 119.73


TeVeT said...

The first KB entry labeled 'religion'.

Anonymous said...

This is very good....we need to get out of our comfort zones and religious boxes. Why do we keep doing things if they really aren't bringing fruitful results and the Presence of God??? It is WE who need to do the changing....what is Jesus saying to us, personally??? It maybe that we are all due for some radical lifestyle changes....whatever that means for each of us personally.......The buck stops with 'ME'!
Is not HE worth our everything???
The time is short...Eternity is at our door.... Let us be doer's of Your WORD, LORD Jesus!!!
Debi Zaida

David said...

Religion and legalism are killers. That doesn't mean that God has thrown away the rule book for all out grace that covers every rebellious move we make.

God's interest is in the relationship. Every parent has a perfect "hope" for their child and an individual path. But we give them love in spite of their failures and overlook certain things in order to build a better relationship.

Grace was the gift that we receive so that we can love God imperfectly. And this is the way it's always going to be done.

Michelle said...

My thought that comes to mind:

God is immutable. God cannot be limited but He will stay within the boundaries of the "rule book."

And I like David's response.

And I get what you are saying. I will not have my children's hearts if I don't provide a means to understanding the right path. The rules will be followed but the heart will not be changed.

Covnitkepr1 said...

God is only limited by what He has said in His word. If He makes a promise...He keeps it. If He makes a command... we better obey it. I like this blog. I'm now a follower.

eaglegirl said...

It drives me crazy when suggesting an idea to church leadership and they just blow you away. Or when sending it by email they don't even bother to respond at all.
It seems where I go only 'certain people' get listened to.
And when the system is so deep in people you have to jump through all these hoops to get your idea across.
My husband had a wonderful idea about something very important. A way to make a certain task used often much, much easier.But leadership had a hissy fit.
But he persisted and spoke to several other leaders in other areas and even suggested they go and see how poorly things were done.
Well, lo and behold a year later his method is being done!! And of course leadership has never thanked him, but at least one of the volunteers who does this task has thanked him.
My husband is just glad they saw the light.
I personally am so tired of being shot down, being plain ignored, and feeling like I am being spoken to by a politician that I have pretty much given up.
And its not like giving ideas and not being willing to help, I usually offer to help as I can. But it is still nada, no, nyet.
I can't let myself think about it too much or it makes me crazy.........