Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm not just sitting on the dock of the bay...

I would like to say I'm disappointed not to have a good personal story today, but I completely understand the reason I don't has nothing to do with God and everything to do with me. Beyond a doubt, God has made His presence apparent in my life many different ways. He was there in Hawaii when I cheated death and protected me for His own purpose for a later time. I know God heals...I'm living proof. I know God places angels to watch over us and cast out demons to protect us.

As much as I love hearing and reading the stories of other people, I'm still waiting to see if God blesses me with such a stunning testimony of His power and glory. It's His game and His I'm also ready if it never happens too. For me, it doesn't create doubt or even animosity because I've not been in the middle of a blatantly obvious supernatural event...not at all. It's actually very inspiring!
Thanks for reading Kingdom Bloggers. You are very much loved and appreciated by five people who equally love to talk and write about God. As always, we greatly enjoy hearing your stories too. I hope God pours His blessings all over your weekend.

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David said...

Well, Mr. C, you'll just have to take a trip with me and the others. We know where His favorite fishing holes are. ;o)

Thanks for not making something up - the heathen hate that.

Blessings on your weekend too!