Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Do What Makes Me Happy

Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before His presence with singing. Psalm 100.2

 I do have bigger aspirations than just blogging for the Kingdom or ministering to those around me, but I am content, I am happy doing what I do. Holy Spirit will burden me to do small things that bring joy to others that might not get the Love of Jesus any other way. I get to see the look on people's faces when I tell them that 'Jesus told me to do this for you'. I get the joy of knowing that what I did was an exact answer to a prayer cried out in distress. In some circumstances, serving God is a way my wife and I teach our kids Galatians 6.2, Galatians 6.10 and James 2.15-17.  There have been times  when I have done things anonymously and I still get to 'rewarded' with a 'praise report'.

 Early in my walk I could get caught up in wanting to change the world and reach millions but I ignored the changes I could make in the lives of those around me. I overlooked the people that God had directed me into their lives to be a reflection of Jesus Christ.
Galatians 5.13-14

 I began to see the poor are all around me. The poor in Spirit, the poor in strength, the poor in stature and the poor in wealth were everywhere. As Holy Spirit led I would find someone in need and help them.
Proverbs 19.17

I stopped asking God what He can do for me, I began asking God what I could do for Him. I asked God what I could do for someone else! I began giving the person in need my money, my prayers and my time. Even when need was greater than what I could meet, I did my best to give them Jesus. I am still looking forward to the time when all I can give someone is Jesus.
Acts 3.6

Will I meet every need that I come across? Probably not. But I can definitely pray for those needs and I can act upon what Holy Spirit leads me to do. I have to remember to not judge the situation or the person and to just be obedient to what Jesus wants me to do. I can be Grace of Jesus, I can be the Love of Christ by simply acting upon what God is leading me to do.
Philippians 2.3-4

Some of the ways I have served God include:
  • Not just telling someone to 'call anytime', but making the time to call them anytime.
  • Not just saying I will pray for you, but praying for them at that moment.
  • Not just making plans to 'get together', but actually scheduling a time to call or meet in person.
  • Not just calling to talk, but calling with the intent to listen. (This is one I need a lot of work at doing!)
Simply put, I try to offer those in need my time, my convenience and my personal comfort. I try to be the friend that I want and be like the friends that I have been blessed with. By doing so, I serve God and I do what makes me happy.


photogr said...

And you are doing what the Lord wiahes we all should be doing.

Tony C said...

Look Dave! You brought on Ron Joe White as a follower of KB!

Each of us should print this and post it somewhere we can see it daily...

Tony C said...

Hey! This was our 100th post!

Congratulations KB'ers. I only hope we are a sweet sound to His ear...