Monday, March 8, 2010

Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jesus

Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet rushes into a phone booth, takes off his suit and becomes Superman, blasting off to rescue some poor citizen in distress. The scenario is easily explained - we all know that Superman is from the planet Krypton whose inhabitants are endowed with super powers. Simple.

This week your Kingdom Bloggers are going to relate a story about a time when they encountered our wonderful and supernatural God in a personal way.

How about you, have you encountered our supernatural God in a personal way? If you were ever like me, I thought that God was a make believe super hero and I had less faith than Lois Lane. I was caught up in intellectualism and thought for sure we'd find out exactly how everything worked, and that eventually there would be a cure for death itself.

My church experience was pretty limited growing up - there was no magic going on, just regular old religious stuff: stand, sing, listen to someone pray, boring sermon etc.

After I met Jesus, I started to expect that my life would involve some not so easily explainable circumstances - I was not to be let down by God.

Most folks in the civilized world have cars - these cars rust, break and wear out - mine were no different. During my hyper-faith days, on a hot August afternoon, my truck’s water pump seized and the engine overheated in the parking lot at work. In my presumption, I laid a hand on the hood the truck, and it was instantly repaired—it was good as new!

Thank you Lord for meeting my need! Jesus is my superhero!

A few months later I dropped my reasonably new car off for a state vehicle inspection and an oil change at the local car dealer. The cost should have been about $60. The phone rang at work and the service mechanic started the conversation with, “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?”

I said, “It doesn’t really matter, just tell me what is going on.”

He began, “Your car needs new brakes and rotors, a timing belt and tune-up, front struts and 4 new tires. That will run you $1,135.00”

Sarcastically I replied, “If $1,135.00 is the good news, then what is the bad news?”

“You mean the good news sir?” he said. “The good news is that I can have this for you today at 4 pm.”

“What do I need to pass inspection, what is the cost of that?” I asked.

“Well, the oil change is not required, and we can do the job for $1,100.” He answered.

“I’ll have to call you back.” I said as I hung up the phone.

Sarah who worked with me in the office had overheard the conversation. “I think we need to pray.” I said to her.

“How much money do you have?” She asked.

I looked in my checkbook and there was $135 until payday, and my rent was due too.

“$135” I answered.

“Oh God, that is not even close.” She said.

I prayed some simple prayer like. “God please give me wisdom.” and said, “amen.” Sarah agreed with me.

“Now what are you going to do?” she asked.

I picked up the phone and told the service manger that it was an awful lot of money. “What can you do to help me out?”

“Well, not a lot. How about I give you 10% off? Let’s just call it $1,035 even.” He said.

Just at that moment, I felt this faith rise up in me. “Go ahead and fix it.” I said and hung up with the service representative.

Sarah spun around in her chair and said, “You are either crazy, or you have faith that I don’t.”

I didn’t know what to do, and 5 hours later they called to let me know that car was ready. I told them that I didn’t have a ride, and would have to get it on Monday. They seemed puzzled - me, I was way out on a limb.

Saturday night I went to a fabulous meeting and people were talking about the glory of the Lord seen over the church building. Wow, I am missing a lot I thought. I arrived home and went to bed thinking about what the glory of he Lord might actually look like.

Sunday morning I woke up and my wife held up an envelope and said that she had gotten an unexpected commission check for some artwork that she had done. It was $494.65. I have to admit, I thought she was going to say it was for $1035. I was starting to feel a little better, but we still needed about $540.35.

We went to church, and I walked in looking forward to worship when I realized that we were on nursery duty. I was a sad, I just wanted to enjoy the music. I did manage to get a few songs in before we filled to capacity. There was a small PA speaker in the nursery room, and I adjusted the volume so that I could hear the music. Once the sermon started, it was so noisy in the room, that I could hardly hear anything from the little speaker; even sitting in a toddler chair right beneath it. With all the toys, diapers and bottles, I forgot about the sermon.

Just as the pastor was closing, I heard only the last sentence of his prayer. “I pray that God would give even one of you, supernatural faith today. Amen.” At that moment I felt this waterfall of warm water flowing over me as I sat with my 2-year-old asleep in my lap.

I got up to go and do a little visiting before going home. I walked into the sanctuary to see who was there, and a woman that I know walked down the aisle headed straight for me. “I am glad that you are still here.” She said. “The Lord spoke to me this morning and said that you have a financial need.” She stuffed a wad of cash in my palm and closed my fingers over it.

Without looking down at my hands, I simply said, “Thank you.”

It was $539.00 dollars. As I was telling my friends this story at church that evening, one of them reached into their pocket and pulled out a dollar and some change. It was $1.35 and they handed it to me.

God had done the supernatural, we had the exact amount of the car repair!

Thank you Lord for meeting my need! You are my super hero!


Joyce Lighari said...

I love it when God does these things. I often wonder though, does it happen because we step out in faith? I have never figured out that correlation. I don't like formula faith - the if you do this, then that will happen. But I do wonder if I acted on my faith, would I see more miracles. Probably so....

Tony C said...

I get goosebumps when I read this story!

One of the most perplexing events to me from the Bible (among the many) is how the Israelites could be lead by God for 40 years out of Egypt...His hand always on them and ever present...and yet they still doubted and strayed. Amazing!

Yet, we often do the same thing as Christians. God gives us obvious signs He is near, and we write them off as coincidence or chance. Amazing!

The day will soon come when every knee will bow and there will be no doubt who's in control. Hallelujah!

Covnitkepr1 said...

I'll try to make this short. I always liked Superman. He was one of my heros as a kid. Then when I got saved, I saw him and Lois in a different light. Their relationship wasn't what God had in mind for a man and a woman. You don't have to publish this. I've decided to follow your blog.

NCSue said...

I corresponded with an inmate for about 8 years. I lived in rural North Carolina, he was incarcerated in Florida, and he was originally from West Virginia. He had an unusual last name, by the way.

A woman moved across from our rural home. I introduced myself, and she told me her name. She said nobody could pronounce or remember her last name so she usually used her maiden name. She was from West Virginia, and her maiden name was the same as "my inmate's".

Turns out they were first cousins who'd lost track of each other. I was able to "reintroduce" them.

Some people would call that "coincidence". I call it "God at work".

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