Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wait for a Champion! by Jenna Vick Silliman

Your worth is far above rubies--you are a champion!
“Wait for a champion! Don’t settle for less!” Disappointed in love, my sister made up her mind to wait for her prince charming. She has a success story in the works right now and I’m thinking I hear wedding bells very faintly. I’ve been married and settled for almost 32 years, but I have a lot of single friends. I’ve seen them go through thinking they’ve met “the one” and when it doesn’t work out, it is heartbreaking. Sometimes I want to say the cliché thing, “God has someone better for you.” However, “Wait for a champion.” sounds a lot better!

Recently I mentioned the concept of waiting on God for His provision to my pastor, John Himmelberger. He suggested a word study to better understand the word “wait.” He said it is related to the word, “ambush.” Hmmm…that changes things! How do you ambush a champion?

BE a champion! If you become more of a champion, when you meet the right champion, he or she will recognize you as their champion. In other words, take care of your half of the apple. We can’t really change anyone else, so what can we improve in ourselves?

We have the life of Christ at work in us and God promises to complete the good work He has begun in us. We have gifts, talents, goals, dreams, and visions to develop. It is fine to dream about being married and to pray about who and when and what will happen in the future, but don’t stop there. What does God dream for you? What does He have for you, Champion?

Each of us is God’s treasured possession, His beautiful creation. When anything is created for a specific purpose, it’s not really complete unless it’s being used for that purpose. Take a diamond necklace gleaming on black velvet in a jeweler’s window. It’s beautiful, desirable, but cooly impersonal. Now put it on the neck of a lovely woman; place her, dressed in a crimson, silk, evening gown at a candlelit dinner table, and the picture becomes complete; the jewels are as they are supposed to be: ornamenting and enhancing a person who is warm, vibrant, living. You are a jewel of infinite value to be set as a blazing ornament for the King of Kings. Single or married, this is your highest purpose.

Quickly write down ten things you look for in your champion. Now turn those around and apply them to yourself. Assuming you are not going to rob a cradle, your champion is out there somewhere and he or she is looking for you. What are the ten things your champion is looking for? Here are some examples.
Someone who loves the Lord Jesus and meditates on His word every day.
2.      Someone who is good with children and is involved in teaching them.
3.      Someone who likes to dance and wants to go dancing at least once a week.
4.      Someone who is healthy, is energetic, likes salad, and avoids junk food.
5.      Someone who has a heart for the poor and is involved in serving them.

See what I mean? There are plenty of things to work on! If you work on your half of the apple, when you meet your champion, you will recognize each other!

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Linda Maynard said...

So true...I heard something similar "Be the Hero You are looking For!"