Monday, April 16, 2012

Heaven's Award Ceremony

On a trip with a few others from the ministry school I was in, I made a comment, saying, “I was most-improved in the Holy Spirit, since entering the school.” It got the appropriate response (playful teasing) and the others razzed me a bit but someone else asked the others, “No, seriously. If heaven gave awards, what would you get yours for?”

We don’t like to think about stuff like that, do we? Or at least, we don’t want to admit, out loud, in case anyone accused us of having pride so it’s hard to confidently say what you’re good enough at to receive an award. We’ve confused humility and false humility. It’s wrong to think too highly of our gifts, as if our identity and value comes from them because we receive the glory to ourselves but denying our talents and gifts offers God no glory either.

This week, Kingdom Bloggers are going to a heavenly award ceremony – Heaven’s Heroes awards. We’re answering the question – if heaven had an award ceremony, what award would you receive? Play along and share your thoughts in the comments.


If I were to receive an award from heaven, it would be Most Improved. Like many others, I have had a sincere devotion to God. I earnestly sought his face and wanted to learn from him – to know him, intimately. I spent many years increasing the foundation of my faith and when I finally came into a powerful encounter with God, I had a foundation to stand on. I did not topple, but I could run with confidence.

I’m in the second year of School of Supernatural Ministry; we’re being trained and activated to walk naturally in the supernatural. In the first year I was very unsure about what I would experience, but excited and anticipated something unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. The Lord did not disappoint me and I moved from never seeing miracles with my own eyes, to praying and having faith God would move when I prayed. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and I haven’t slowed down.

Dream interpretation? No problem, God says I can know the mysteries so I believe it and practice dream interpretation everywhere. Bold witness, backed with signs & wonders? No problem, the Bible says it will happen and I believe it. Need healing? No problem, Jesus healed everyone who came to him; my job is to bring them to him. Prophecy? No problem, I have the mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit reveals what is his and gives it to me. Living sacrifice for worship? No problem, I’ve been anointed for worship with flags.

All of these experiences are new and I love it. What’s more, is I feel heaven’s delight.


David-FireAndGrace said...

Mine would be Most Unlikely to Succeed, after half the place shook their heads, saying "He's here? Really, he's here!? Jesus, are you sure about this one?"

Linda Maynard said...

I was glad that you brought up false humility as I agree with you.
Years ago, I heard someone teaching on it.
He said " You know when you compliment a Christian and/or say how they have blessed you and their immediate comment is something like this."Oh it's not' just the Lord!" He continued " You are left feeling kind of deflated as you felt you were offering a sincere compliment. You almost stand there dazed and don't know what to say...I mean...what DO you say?"
He offered what he felt was a solution.
Just say "thank you"
Then when you have a time later to spend with the Lord...offer Him the thanks and the praise that is due Him and thank Him that He has used you to bless another"
re" David...I guess I would be in the 50% that would say " hey brother, I knew you would be here! I thank God that He connected us through the internet!"
PS...Congratulations on your awards Andrea*smile*

Andrea York said...

David, you know that's not true. I think we give the angels entertainment better than television.

When I hear the verse, "angels long to look into the things of man." I imagine the angels watching our lives like sitcoms - entertaining because of our goof-ups.

Jenna Vick Silliman said...

How great to have such confidence and to be going for it! I crossed the chicken line last week in the ER waiting room. I prayed healing two times, for two different people, and the place was packed. Nothing visible changed, but at least I entertained angels and made the Lord smile at me following in His footsteps! Thanks for sharing Andrea. I am encouraged by your testimony.

Doug Spurling said...

I love your stand in the ranks with David: “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine?” And Joshua: “Give me this mountain...” And Paul: “I can do all things through Christ...” And following in the words of Jesus: “Greater works than these shall you do...” Keep the good work and good company.