Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are We In Heaven?

Protection… I love what Andrea wrote yesterday about how God protects us from ourselves.  I think that is so true – and sometimes we realize it, and sometimes we don’t.  The – there but for the grace of God go I – is always operating in our lives.  Protection is one of those things that sometimes we don’t know it’s there.  It is so effective that we never see the danger that almost came our way.

Perhaps because I’m pre-occupied and a bit more stressed than usual, I am a bit stuck.  I lack eloquence or even a good idea of what to write today.  Perhaps that’s okay.  I think the greatest times of protection are those times I had no idea how close I came to danger of one kind or another.  I think those things happen probably every day.  While I don’t honor angels over Christ – I do believe that we are surrounded by them and they watch over us.

There was one time that came to mind.  I was pregnant with my second child.  My youngest one was in the back of a classic 78 Volkswagen Beetle.  Oh the stories that car could tell if it could talk...My ex-husband was driving.  Seatbelt laws or car seat laws were yet to be enacted.

We were on our way to visit my mother in the hospital.  It was Christmas and the road was a solid sheet of ice.  Our windows were clear.  We weren’t slipping.  We came to an intersection where we had the right of way.  All of a sudden, BANG!

A car that had barely a circle cleared from his windshield not only skidded but ended up hitting us head on – he said he didn’t see us.  Okay, I was alive.  That I figured out right away – no blood – no gashes.  Ex-husband seemed alive, but what about my son in the back seat.  Then I heard his two year old voice ask – 

Mom, are we in heaven?

Whew – 

I said no son, we’re still alive.

Other than explaining to my mother why we had wrecked her car, all was well.  Coincidence or good luck? No, it was God’s protection. 

That day, the car hit us – I wonder with all the miles I put on the road driving here and there and everywhere, how many close calls I had that I never knew about.  I also, know that when a car is about to hit me, more than once I’ve just said Jesus (not as a curse word but as a prayer) and within inches, we move right through.


Linda Maynard said...

I agree that there have been many times, for all of us, that we were saved from harm physically and emotionally as well.
I pray that your sweet son, who asked that pointed question, would have his childlike faith stirred up in him, as never before and he would grow in leaps and bounds in his faith

Jenna Vick Silliman said...

Wow, JOYCE you will be amazed to read my writing. We have so many things in common that it is spooky. I'm glad I didn't read your writing till after I wrote mine. Hahaha! Good job--thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading what you write every week, even if I do not make time to leave a comment.