Sunday, April 8, 2012

Now, today I wake

Yes, they were warned to stay away.

But dwelling on that won’t matter now—what’s done is done.
The snake has struck.
 And even now, the poison courses through their veins.
The heart grows numb.

A blood transfusion is what they need, and only one type will do?—mine.
Not mine.
Please no.
Not mine…
Unless there’s no other way…Okay—let it be mine.

I lay out my flesh to be cut and drained.
I then dreamt of fighting a serpent.
Only it wasn’t a dream. 

Yesterday…or the day before—yes, Friday, I said; “It is done.”
Now today, I wake.
Here in this.
Not my bed, not my room, not my home, but a cold hard slab, in the dark.
My blood now dried, my flesh now healed.
The dark now rolls, and Light revealed.

A Voice I hear.
Well done, My Son—the serpent is dead.
Now they can live.

You’re welcome my friend.
My name is Jesus.
Happy Easter!


Linda Maynard said...

Blessed Easter. Thanks for bringing us "up close and personal"
Linda Maynard

Doug Spurling said...

Thanks Linda, I hope your Sonrise was great as each new sunrise after.