Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's wrong with being a book worm?!

This week we're all just sharing a bit about who we are by answering some questions:

What's your favorite candy bar?

Rocky Road

What's your favorite song (post a link!)?
One of my favorites is Blessed be Your Name

What sports or activities have you participated in, or do enjoy watching on TV?
Although I enjoy plenty of physical activities (hiking, skating, dancing, bicycling, etc.) I've never been into sports. Back in school I was one of those girls in PE class who ducked when the volley ball came my way. But I did attend all of my middle son's Friday night high school football games and cheered loudly for he and his friends!

What was your first job?
Worked at a Carl's Jr

What sort of work do you get/last received pay for?
Running residential facilities for special needs populations (Currently I run small homes in the community where developmentally disabled adults live, prior to this I ran secured psychiatric facilities).

What's the last great book you read?
Currently reading The Joy of Full Surrender by Jean Pierre de Caussade and it will definitely make my top 10 Christian books list. Recently listened to a lightweight, fun, female trilogy of books on CD while driving, doing housework, and cooking entitled the Airhead series that I thought was a lot of fun.

When I have free time away from family and work, I like to _________ .
Hike, take long walks, read, visit art museums

You need to know three things about my family, and they are __________ .
  • July of 2005 God blessed me with my husband John
  • I have 3 sons ages almost 23, almost 17, and 18
  • We have a dog named Jake that we got from the pound about 3yrs ago
The town I live in is ___________?
A small (posted population 3,500) ski resort town nestled in the San Gabriel mountain range in southern California.

What version of the Bible do you read the most?
I enjoy The Message paraphrase and NIV frequently

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