Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cowboy Bob and Kit Kat's

This blog is a little bit harder for me to write than you might imagine.  Some of these questions are ones that either have multiple answers or depends on when you ask me.  Like the music question, I don’t know???  But I guess I should pick one – remember these are my answers today when I’m barely awake and dreamed all night last night that a sniper was trying to kill me… Anything is possible this morning.  Then too, there is the issue of my wanting to ask follow up questions – did you really mean my very first job? Or my first “real professional” job?  Does babysitting count?  And last but not least, do you want the story that goes along with my answer.  I always have a story.

- What's your favorite candy bar?
This one is easy Kit Kat.  (I have a story – when Kit Kat’s first came to the US market from England a NY children’s television personality sent me an autographed picture and told me to watch for the candy bar.  I did, since I always did what I was told, especially by Cowboy Bob.  I’ve loved it ever since).
- What's your favorite song (post a link!)?  Too many of them but this one will work this morning.  Any Man of Mine  I'll bet you thought it was going to be an old hymn.  
- What sports or activities have you participated in, or do enjoy watching on TV?
I don’t do sports.  I’ve always been uncoordinated and now I’m old.  I have been known to cheer and yell for Basketball especially if UCONN women are playing.  Before we had cable I used to watch bowling – anyone remember Earl Anthony.
- What was your first job?
Babysitting.  Followed by one day at a lunch fountain in a drug store. You can read about that here.  I told you, there is always a story, there is always a story.
- What sort of work do you get/last received pay for?
Does getting financial aid to go to school count?  Last job was a Pastor – oh but I didn’t get any money for that… hmmm…. Want to see my resume?  I’m looking for work.
- What's the last great book you read?
If I were spiritual I’d tell you just the Bible, that’s all I read.  But what comes to mind is anything by Walter Brueggemann when I’m feeling nerdy.  Last popular novel I read that I loved was The Glass Castle.  I was told my life was "worse" than her's and I wanted to see if it was true.  See these questions are that easy.
- When I have free time away from family and work, I like to ___ .
The key word in that question is AWAY.  I'm always with someone in my family. Okay, make something up about what I would like to do?  Go to the BEACH
 - You need to know three things about my family, and they are __________ . 
I love them.  They are diverse.  I don't see enough of them.
- The town I live in is ___________?
- What version of the Bible do you read the most? 
Today’s New International Version but if I need to do study stuff I use the New Revised Standard or get out the Biblica Hebraica.

Okay, that's not bad for a sleepy Tuesday morning... How about you?  What candy bar do you like?


David-FireAndGrace said...

Thanks for sharing, Joyce. I'll have to check out the Glass Castle.

Tracy said...

It's fun to get to know you a bit better (BTW - I think the story behind it all is a distinctly female thing)

Joyce-Sounds of Hope said...

Yes, I think you are right, it is a female thing to want to tell the story behind it. It just makes it more interesting :-)

Unknown said...

I like this blog mrs. Lighari'