Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday Survival Guide

Today is Memorial Day. I hope you enjoyed last weeks blogs by the faithful regarding the true meaning of this day.

This week the Kingdom Bloggers are going to write about summer - and Jesus!

Once the parade is over, the 21 gun salute is fired, and I am undone by taps, I silently thank God for freedom to just be an American. I have spiritual freedom, and I am free to do many more things than folks around the world. It is a day to miss my dad, and the chain of unspoken thoughts seems endless on the ride home. HERE is last years story.

As I pull in the driveway, there it stands, glimmering on the farmers porch: the grill! It is also unofficially summer in southern New England! (I know, and the Bruins are still playing hockey and it's 91 degrees outside!) 

That's right, it is a sign of manly freedoms earned, a return to the prehistoric phenomena known as fire! The thoughts of sizzling meats, and the smell of BBQ sauce captivate me. In my world, if it can be eaten, it can be grilled - well not Lucky Charms.

Here are some quick tips to make it a great holiday. I hope you'll share one of yours in the comments section and feel free to add a recipe!

Gas: That's right, fill up the extra tank early, because you know they are closed - it's a holiday!

Be Daring: We really do grill everything. Other than the obvious steaks, chicken, brats, hot dogs, shrimp, salmon, tuna and gak, tofu burgers, we also grill fruit and vegetables are not often on the list. Corn, peppers, squash, apples and even pineapple. And don't forget kabobs of every type!

Spices: If it's on the grill, it's needs to be spicy. Lots of great spice combinations, but the common denominator seems to be cayenne pepper. HERE area few you might like!

Marinades: We have favorites for different meats and fish. Teriyaki and garlic for steak, Italian or zesty Italian for London Broil, Honey Mustard for chicken breast, Honey Teriyaki for salmon and traditional Brown Sugar or Buffalo BBQ for chicken wings and drum sticks.

Cool Sides: We like sides made with vegetables in varying sorts of salads and slaws. I'll let Martha Stewart handle this! Of course you might just want pasta salad, so HERE is that list.

Cool Drinks: From water to beer and everything in between, ice cold drinks on a hot day are essential!

Dessert: It just seems fitting to have frozen desserts or fruit to refresh the pallet for the next Swiss burger! HERE you go!

I hope that you have memorable Memorial Day.


Tracy said...

Gee David never realized that you are such a chef!

Tony C said...

Can you pick a more challenging topic next week? I mean come on...Jesus and summer go together like peas and carrots...don't they?

Just for you, I'm attaching a cross to my gas grill...BBQ for Jesus!