Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogging friends are real friends too...

I posted this almost a year ago on Tony C Today. When I started thinking about our subject matter this week, this post immediately came to mind...and holds true today. God has blessed me beyond what I could have ever imagined with the connections I've made with other Christians literally around the world. For me, it's not so much about sharing my insignificant story as it is sharing what God has done in my life to use me for His glory. I'm both humbled and empowered. Like many of you, I blog to shine His light of love through my life...hopefully.

As you read the post from last November, know that I would truly love to add your name to the list of blogging friends. Besides...talking about Jesus is pretty cool.

(November 2009)

I don't typically post on Saturday, but the teenager's gone and mom and little one are into an afternoon I've got a moment or so to enjoy to myself...well...with you.

I started writing a post every Friday over on Kingdom Bloggers which I really love. There are three of us currently writing for the blog, and we mutually decide on a topic for the week and write from a personal perspective. David Johndrow from Fire and Grace and Dave Tvedt for Woe is Me are my co-contributors. Both of these guys are serious about their relationship with God and take the verse about pray without ceasing to heart.

You've got to take time to visit Matt at The Church of No People. He has a fresh outlook on what it is to be a Christian in the world today. I honestly find myself laughing out loud and saying 'that's right' when I read his blog. The same goes for Kathy at Hey look, a chicken!, who also contributes on Fellowship of the Travelling Smartypants, and Bud at Bud Beverly.

Maybe surprisingly to some of you, I follow several blogs geared for the fairer sex. Leigh Ann at Lulaville is a complete riot, and I enjoy reading about Shauna at Blah Blah Blog who has a very touching family story that proves all does happen for the glory of God. A couple of new follows are Bridget at Bridget Crumbley and my old friend Michelle at Finding Michelle who is new to blogging but definitely has a knack. Oh...Sherri at Everything in Moderation has given me several kicking good recipes.

I often find inspiration and encouragement from Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus and Mesha over on HE's the potter, I'm the clay.. MOLD ME. Tracy at Abundant Living leaves some of the best comments...along with NC Sue from IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING. No way I can forget the Burkulater at It's Time for the Burkulater or Nadia at narrow path home.

Misty Rice, who blogs at Wind Beneath My Wings, is great to follow. Her and Laretha at Beauty Unveiled have visually pleasing pages that also contain heart-felt, quality substance.

There are a number of you I read...but you don't post very often (Derek, Chris T, Dave, Luke, Julie, Lori, BethAnne just to name a few). I wish you wrote more because you each have great stories.

There are also way more of you that read and rarely, if ever, comment...unless I run into you at the grocery store. Most of you don't write blogs and just follow. I'm very thankful for each of you that take a moment or two to read the thoughts of a rambling writer with a passion for what God has done and will do in his life.

I ask you to take just a moment more and think about this...I don't personally know any of the people I've mention with only a few exceptions. Yet, I feel a connection with each and every one. The common denominator is pretty obvious...

I hope you each have a blessed weekend.

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David said...

Is reposting really blogging? I mean if we play a video of reality TV, is still reality? Oh the questions I have for Jesus! :o)