Friday, March 1, 2013

When I Set Foot on the Soil of Israel, I Will Cry Because I Shall Be Home, by Linda Maynard

We are familiar when incidences  happen  that seem to have a serendipity tone to them. WE might even say a happy coincidence happened…but coincidence nonetheless.

As we get used to the ways of God, we realize these “happenings” are not coincidences but are God incidences.

At times, it is very clear that God’s intervention is what happened. We can be very dull at times though. We deserve to be looked at straight in the eyes and have someone say “ DUH!”

Other times the hints are subtle it isn’t until later that we are exclaiming “God DID that!”

This week as we are talking about Israel, I put myself in the first category. As we speak, I can see something beautiful unfolding in my life about Israel.

This week’s topic was chosen a month ago. Monday, I was trying to slog through a loaded email box and as I was scanning the list, one of the posts caught my eye. 

On Monday, women and men from around the world, pray on a Conference call. They are from a highly reputable ministry. I have participated on the call before, but as of late have not been able to.

On Tuesday, a text of the call goes out. Again, I have just been unable to read these texts for a while.
Two of the main issues that are prayed for are Israel and Islam, both of which this ministry has a mandate for.

At the end was a prayer about their upcoming trip to Israel. The prayer had declarations about the Lord tapping people on the shoulder to attend this trip. The prayer continued asking the Lord to remove all blockages their might be. Finances…time off from work…family responsibilities etc. 

My faith leapt. I took a hold of this “offer/gift” and said to the lord “YES, I want to go!”  He knew that has been a dream of mine for years. The difference this time was that I had a deposit of faith poured into me that said “YES! The Lord can provide the funds! I can trust that!”

Israel became a state, the very year I was born. 1948.

Why am I enamored about Jewish people beyond praying for the Peace of Jerusalem? It is because the Lord was Jewish. He has an Everlasting Covenant with His people, which I believe, is still to be completed.

My Uncle “Hoppy”, a Polish Catholic, fought with the Polish Army during Hitler’s reign. He was imprisoned. When asked about those experiences, all he could do was cry. 

I have no way to prove this as I have not had a DNA* test done (yet) but I strongly believe that I have Jewish heritage in my bloodline. Having had my ancestors all from Poland, it makes that a greater possibility.

Having been a supporter of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, I received a Calendar once that pictures of various that helped their fellow men. I looked at a certain month, my mouth fell open. Starring back at me was my brother Ray. Ok, it was not really my brother Ray, but a “twin”.

You may think…Linda, that’s nice and we know that you “think” you have Jewish in your bloodline. What “proof” do you have? “None, but isn’t that God speak sometimes? Against the laws of nature and human understanding?
 I thought everyone here agrees it looks like Ray. But why don’t I send it to him and see what he would say.

The verdict? Ray and his wife said, “ Yes!” I thought that was important as if we saw a picture that someone said looked like us, we would be the most likely to disagree.

There is/has been a Haman spirit, that since the days of Esther, that wants to annihilate the Jewish people. I believe Hitler was the embodiment of this diabolical destructive force. I contend that the Haman spirit is alive today and its agenda is the total annihilation of the Jewish people and Israel as a nation. 

Sometimes Christians feel a love for certain people groups The reasons can at times be obvious and other times not.

I am drawn to the Jewish people. Oh yes, I see so many Jews never practice or believe a thing about their heritage. Haven’t our hearts been that way as well…far from God…clueless?

.I am believing and asking you to join me in prayer that funds would come in for a trip.

 I will send you greeting from Israel…April/May 2013!  

*NOTE* I wrote my blog Thursday during the day. Thursday evening there was an offer to get a DNA test at 65% savings. A  coincidence? I think not.

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