Friday, November 9, 2012

Inconvenient Truth or Unconscionable Truth? by Linda Maynard

The Sanctity of Life
Sanctity=blessedness, Godliness, sacredness
The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing in between…Mother Teresa
America needs to get over its love affair with the fetus…Jocelyn Elders, former Surgeon General

Wow…two very different opinions about life, specifically life in the womb.
The cries of the aborted unborn will continue to reverberate in our land. THAT is the sound I heard, when the results of this election were announced. Our Leader clearly does not support the unborn.
Can I get through this without weeping? The grief I am experiencing mirrors the anguish of our Lord.
Some of us, who would say we are pro life, are appalled at posters that show mutilated babies. Shocked?…we should be. They represent a reality that is hard to face.
When I first heard about partial birth abortions (which our President approves of) I felt sick. In case you don’t know, I am going to tell you. A baby is partially born, enough for the head to emerge. The Dr. then pierces the baby’s skull and sucks out the brain. The body is then delivered
It is said that a person, who is not the victim of violence, yet witnesses the violence, is negatively affected. I think of that for myself, when I remember a phone call from a friend, as she called in obvious distress. She was waiting with her daughter to “deliver” the unwanted baby. Hers was about 5 months. This was a saline solution abortion. The labor would take 20 hours, give or take. What she would deliver is a dead and burnt baby.
That phone call haunts me still.
Many women grieve over pregnancies that end in miscarriage. Now, how could that be for those who say a fetus is not a life? Are these mothers grieving over a “blob” of tissue?
Over the years, I have prayed for many women who have had abortions. Without fail, each woman felt they knew the sex of their baby. Most of them had a name for their baby.
Whether they were pro choice or pro life at the time of their abortions, they regretted their decision.
Thankfully, abortion is a sin that the Lord forgives. He is merciful and filled with kindness. He has compassion for these mothers, as He loves their babies.
The hard reality though, even though forgiven, we have to live with the consequence of our decisions.
Just so I don’t appear holier than thou, I too was faced with a decision years ago. I became pregnant at 17…unmarried.
I can still remember the terror I felt about having to tell my parents. It was almost too much for me to face anger and even more so, the disappointment they would feel. I hid my pregnancy for 5 months.
Reflecting on my choice to continue the pregnancy, I shudder to think it would have been so easy to get rid of my child. Nobody would have to know. Nobody would be angry or disappointed in me. Nobody would have to feel ashamed.
So, I understand the pressure, the bargaining and the reasoning. Anything to justify it.  Many of them are scared and don’t see a way out.
I did end up relinquishing my son for adoption, which in and of itself was an agonizing decision. Yet, giving him a chance at life is a decision I will never regret.
Another disturbing thing is that tissue and body parts from aborted babies are part of a lucrative business. Does this remind you of Nazi Germany and how the skin of the Jews was used for lampshades?
Then there is the issue of stem cells. Thankfully, it has been discovered recently that stem cells from the person who needs them can mete out similar results.
Another disturbing trend though, is sex selection. We thought that only happened in China or other countries. No, it is happening right here in the United States. I mean what business of ours that a couple has 3 girls and want a boy now? (You know for the dad’s sake).They can keep conceiving and aborting that “wrong sex” child.
Yes, this issue is one in which I am very passionate and narrow-minded according to some people’s opinions.
On this one, I would rather err for life’s sake.

A face book friend penned this beautiful poem.
Life is a Precious Thing
By Cheri Neitzel

A Life is a precious thing…not a thing to waste
             A thing that should not be thrown down
                            Into the abyss
Even if there was no eternity
              Even if there was no more to follow-
To take a life that was designed to hold and to carry
                        Honor and Purpose
        And throw it down into the abyss
                              Is WRONG
          Is SO wrong…it is SO perverse  
God designed each and every life to carry a purpose,
        To HONOR Him
                    To GLORIFY Him
                                To reflect His Beauty and His glory!
No Life should just be thrown down  into the Abyss

                                   Never to reach its Purpose


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