Monday, January 30, 2012

Go Big, or Go Home

You want to know something? We are all different. I know that intellectually but sometimes I become confused and I ask God, “Why am I not like that person, or this person?” The Lord reminds me of the mix match of apostles he chose – sensitive, brash, blue collar, white collar, strong in finances, strong in encouragement, ones who like to lead, and others who like to work behind the scenes. We are not supposed to replicate each other; we should complement each other for the glory of God.

We’re in a battle. Some of us know better than others, how intense the battle is. Each side of the battle has soldiers, commanders and battle equipment. This week on Kingdom Bloggers, we’re describing how God has designed us to fit into the overall battle strategy of the Lord. Which one of is a battle strategist? Who is a sniper? Read along for the week and offer your insights about who you are in the battle.


Go big, or go home.

In a battle, I’m like a cannon. I don’t have the precision of a marksman, nor do I think one hit would be sufficient damage to the enemy. I live life fast and furious and that is how I [prefer to] operate in spiritual warfare.

In my younger years (before I became the wise and discerning woman I am today), I could have been described as a ‘loose cannon’, especially in my speech. I often spoke and acted without thinking first and hoped the collateral damage would not bite me in the butt on the way out. The Lord has since shown me how to confront with truth and love. Instead of making me change, he taught me the strengths in the character of who he created me to be and how to use the strengths as an effective battle strategy against the enemy in the spiritual realm.

I am most comfortable on the front lines, always ready to go first. Discernment is my weakest gift, so although I’m ready to go first, I don’t always know which direction to move. The beauty of the kingdom of God is the dependence we have on God and other believers.  When I work in conjunction with others, I understand which direction to move and then I fire. The goal is to cause a break in the wall or foundation and in doing so create an opportunity for others to finish the job.

I’m a groundbreaker and always looking for new territory to win. I fight for breakthrough in areas where there isn’t any, so others can walk in and take the spoils.

My modus operandi of battle has not changed, but the execution of my battle strategy has changed – especially in the past 18 months. Instead of running into a situation with guns blazing, I worship. More is accomplished with worship to the Lord than I’ve ever seen happen before and it is far less effort on my part because it is a joy to give glory and honour to the Father for who He is and what He does. It is beyond my comprehension how a worshipper can be a cannon, but the example of walls of Jericho coming down by the praises of the people, as if struck by a cannon, is an encouragement to me to press on through worship.


Linda Maynard said...

It has helped me so much to consider/understand other believer's functions in the Body of Christ, as you have. When that understanding is amazing how our overall vision changes. Until then, we are like you mention, functioning from a place that says "why am I not like that one over there" or I know it can also be said, as often " why are they not like me?"
It should be interesting to read the posts this week. I am looking forward to it.
Great insight into yourself and sharing the process of how you got there.

Doug Spurling said...

And were the worshippers not the ones who were - cannonned - out front as the children of Israel went into battle? Great post

Kerry Luddy said...

As a worshipper, I love this. I don't think we will truly comprehend how God changes our hearts and how he moves as we worship, until we enter eternity.