Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dancing All Over the World! by Jenna Vick Silliman

What would I do if I had a FREE day, with no restrictions? This theme for Kingdom Bloggers for the week got my imagination all fired up. I like the word FREEDOM. To me, the more FREE the better. One of my favorite things is to rejoice and worship the Lord Jesus in dance. If I had no restrictions, I would have awesome, joyful, rejoicing music playing at all times and I would start my day dancing without gravity. I would boogie my way right up into the heavenlies. Whoohoo! What a gorgeous view from up there because of my unrestricted eyesight. I would see right into the supernatural realm too and enjoy the company of beautiful, multi-colored, dancing angels all around me. From my cloud-cushioned dance floor I would gaze lovingly down on my hometown of Sequim, Washington and pray and dance in intercession and take the town by storm for Jesus.

Next, because I am not restricted by space, I would jet over to Chicago to see my daughter at the University of Chicago and take her dancing with me in the heavenlies to give her a little study break. I would zip down to California next to visit my son, Michael at Simpson University to give him and his sweet girlfriend a spin in the heavenlies too.

Around mid-day I would visit Niagra Falls. Wild and free I would dance around and rejoice in the beauty of this gigantic waterfall that I’ve always wanted to see. If I had unrestricted knowledge, I would know of other waterfalls around the globe that I could also visit to take a quick peek.

Then I would be transported to Europe. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. I could just hop around like Tinkerbell and see a bit of each country. I might dance around in a green meadow in Ireland, a vineyard in Italy, a cottage flower garden in England, and a street market in France. As someone with a heart for missions, I would be praying as I go and interceding for each place I visit. Whenever I get a chance I would share glad tidings of great joy in the abundant life of Jesus. Oh, I almost forgot—no restrictions! The,n I would have thousands upon thousands gathered in my European Tour , ready to hear my testimony of free joy in Jesus for all!

My oldest son, Daniel, and his wife, Beth are in Germany so I would have to go to Tuebingen, Germany to see them and also to Heidelberg University where Daniel is getting his PhD to become a college professor. He’s promised to take me on a tour of a couple of castles when I visit, so I’d take him up on his offer. It would be such a surprise to just show up and be so free as to be able to take them dancing in the heavenlies above Germany with me and introduce them to a few scores of really cool angels. I can just hear him and his wife saying over dinner with friends, “We had such a refreshing visit from my mother this afternoon. She is such a care-free woman. We enjoyed taking her to some typical tourist spots and then she took us dancing—it was heavenly.”

My joyful, high-spirited worship music is still playing—don’t forget! For the evening I would go surfing in Hawaii. Every once in a while I might dance around or spin a few times on the surf board. Oh my, what beautiful balance and grace I would have if I was completely free of all restrictions. When my day was over I would enjoy being back home to tell my family and friends all about my free day of dancing and rejoicing in the Lord and proclaiming Good News about the abundant life of the Kingdom of God all over the world!

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It's Something Beautiful said...

WOW! BEAUTIFUL! I was right there with you, imagining freedom with it's inerrant lack of restrictions.
Linda Maynard