Monday, November 8, 2010

You Can Pull the Plug But...

I remember it like it was yesterday. I heard the voice of the Lord. It wasn't the first time, but in some respects I was as surprised as Samuel. As I look back, surely it was the most important time. I had just given a talk about study on a men's retreat. I teach a lot like it write my Kingdom Bloggers blogs; I use a lot of personal stories to go along with what God is showing me. Just to know stuff in the Bible doesn't do much for me. Knowing God and seeing the verses of the Bible come alive in my life, that is what matters to me. When I was done, I was be congratulated by one of the deacons. And God called me to ministry.

This week your Kingdom Bloggers are going to write about failing in ministry, and later returning to it. Or, I think that's what Tony meant when he introduced the topic.

The call to ministry is exciting, but when God decides to use a knucklehead like me, the time on the potter's wheel is well - long. Of course there is the initial surge, and I ended up getting support from my local church and the Episcopal Diocese of CT. I started seminary classes. I thought it was all planned out. Ha!

I have written about some of the chapters of my life on this blog. After things in CT fell apart, I move to MA. Fast forward to this past Summer, and we arrive at the resurgence. It has only been a few months and God is at work in my life opening some new doors.

The Christian life is a journey. None of us really know what is next. Without a relationship in which we talk to and hear from God, our faith is reduced to hoping that God hears us. As I approach another flat spot in the race of life, I am starting to feel those some feelings I had so many years ago: expectation, excitement, and joy for the work that God has personally called me to do. I have lots of ideas about leadership, but most importantly, I want to hear God and do what he asks.

As the Lord restored David to his position as King after his fall, God has allowed me to minister in spite of my many failures too. With all that is behind me, I am glad that I am ministering, and not running for office!

Some time soon, I am going to be teaching a class about the 5-Fold ministry and the spiritual gifts. It is my passion, and it is who God has made me.

How about you, what has God called you to do? Are you doing it?


Tracy said...

It's cool to read about your excitement for what God's doing through you at this time in your life. King David is such a good example in that most of us learn a lot from him BECAUSE he was not perfect. Perhaps it's that way with us too, people can relate to our various struggles and can be encouraged by our continuance through them to come out on the other side and to hear how God worked through it all.

eaglegirl said...

Oh David, that is great ! Especially that you are once again experiencing expectation, excitement and joy for what God has called you to.
That makes it all the more fun! And it is ok with God for us to enjoy the ministry He has called us to. Hmmm, I wonder if that is a 'sign' that we are in the right place and doing the right thing ?

Tony C said...

Your patience and obedience are being rewarded my friend. God is blessing you with a tremendous opportunity to bring Him glory!

I look forward to watching you do His work in the Kingdom...