Thursday, November 4, 2010

Praying Through

This week we are each to share one thing for which we're in the midst of praying through.

When I read that this was to be our topic, my first thought was - Just one thing I'm in the midst of praying through concerning? I've got several things I'm in the midst of praying through regarding!

So I just picked one to share here.

It's for my middle son, the one who is a Senior in high school this year.

I can remember when he was 8 years old and made a decision to choose to accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross on his behalf and to give His life to God. I believe that, as much as he was able to understand at that time, this decision was real and sincere.

But as he hit high school things changed. He still proclaims himself to be a Christian and still exhibits some Christian morals (no sex outside of marriage, working hard, being honest, etc.). But he enjoys being popular at school and all his popular friends, most all of whom are not Christians and have no desire for Christian values. He does not want to go to church and exhibits no desire for prayer, praise, or Bible reading. He desires activities that I'm puzzled why any one in whom God's spirit dwells would desire. Examples of these activities would be listening to music with lyrics that degrade women and authority figures, attending parties where some of the attenders consume alcohol or become engaged in some kind of sexual activity(although this son does not engage in these activities himself, I don't understand why he would even want to be in this environment).

Several years ago I prayed that God would give me a Word, a view, as to what He has for each of my sons. God was gracious and granted my request. I took that Word from God and wrote it into a blessing for each son. None of the three were alike; God definitely has a different call and gifting on each of their lives. I put these written blessings onto special paper and framed them and hung them in their bedrooms.

I know that God gave me that Word for this specific son about who I am writing. I know that God gave him his fun and open nature, his personality that attracts people to him. I know that God created him to be a man who influences others for God's Kingdom. But right now I only see him influencing people for pursuing selfish teen age pleasures; I even see him letting others, who don't seek after God, influence him. Yet, I believe that Word that God spoke to my heart. I believe that this son will change and fulfill those very things that God gave me a glimpse regarding.

So I pray. I pray that God use every experience that this son is going through now, to bring him to be that man God wants him to be. I pray that I would let go and let God do the work; that I would be faithful to act as God would have me to act, but that I would ever be conscious that it is God who will do His work in my son's life, not me.

I pray, and I will continue to go on praying.

What about you, what are you "praying through" for?


David-FireAndGrace said...

Letting God guide our thoughts and prayers for our kids is a tough one - some days I actually think I know what to do without His help.

Unknown said...

"Kingdom Bloggers" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

photogr said...

At his age, peer pressure is very strong and can sway his though process.

However, I am confident you have laid out the ground work for his moral values and I am sure those will not change. Of course you will worry as most parents do but all you can do is pray that he keeps those values close to his heart.