Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Offer a Toast

David got really creative yesterday, didn’t he?  I had to chuckle as I read that my alias was Sunbeam J.  I could use some sunshine today – it’s grey here in South Dakota and getting ready for some snow.

I thought we were supposed to be writing about what God taught us or what God did over the last year – something like that.  Well one thing I learned is that David is a darn good writer and an even better friend.  I wish I didn’t follow David – he’s always so good with his blogs.  But the idea of Kingdom Bloggers is to hear different voices.  My voices, my life, my experience is so different from his and that’s okay.

I also learned that while I’ve never met Tony, Dave T, Michelle, or Tracy, they are family – not just my brother’s and sister’s in the Lord but blogging family.  I’ve learned to depend on their prayers and support.  I hope they feel they can depend on my prayer and support as well. 

God taught me or maybe I should say showed me that I can write.  I suppose some of you may disagree and that’s okay… I’ve learned that I can write some interesting things.  I have learned that ministry comes in all forms including blogging.  It’s been a great experience.  It’s been good for my soul as well.

Kingdom Bloggers – we are family.  We share our lives, our hopes, our dreams, our joys and sorrows, our expectations and disappointments with you.  You, our readers, are part of our family.  We hope we’ve touched your lives in some way.  We are blessed in this experience, we pray we have blessed you… if we have, we’d love to hear from you? 

Happy Anniversary Kingdom Bloggers – here’s a toast to many more years of working together for the Kingdom!


David said...

Thanks for all your contributions, Joyce.

I did learn that we are family - brothers and sisters in Christ. More so I learned that we are simply a body of many part, with each one carfully xelected by God.

Here here!

Tony C said...

I completely agree Joyce. God has blessed me tremendously in connecting me with you, David, Tracy, Dave T and Michelle.

Our readers are also a blessing, and it's usually that one post that I didn't quite feel I nailed that inevitably ends up being the one I get the most personal comments about.

To Him goes all the honor and glory...forever and ever!

Tracy said...

I've repeatedly been blessed by what you have to say Joyce. I adore the fact that God's brought you from that young woamn who started a family early and thought she was less than all those college students, to the woman who has raised EIGHT children (I'm still SO impressed that you survived through that many teenagers), obtained your BA, obtained your MA, and are now working on your PhD!

Joyce Lighari said...

@Tracy -- I did survive. Sometimes I wonder how I did myself :-) but then I know... it's grace.