Monday, November 22, 2010

La Cabeza de Calabaza

It's Thanksgiving week, and that's what we'll be writing about this week on Kingdom Bloggers. BTW - Happy First Anniversary fellow bloggers!

I am thankful for lots to things: I have a good job, a nearly new car, a house or two, a great church, a growing guitar collection, food, money in the bank and my health seems OK - I guess for my age it is actually good.  I really am grateful. And when I think about it, I am almost happy with my spiritual life.

If you follow me here or on Fire and Grace, you know that I have a 7-year-old named Charlotte. I enjoy all my kids, but Charlotte and I spend the most time together.

And of course my wife Mary Anne, is my favorite person in the entire world.

I was thinking about all of this, but Charlotte is such a big part of my life, I'd like talk about her. She has a lot of qualities, but an old friend said it best, "Charlotte is like Mary Anne on the outside, and David on the inside." To know her is to know me, to see her is to see Mary Anne.

The family dynamics go something like this:

I was sitting with my them at a local Mexican restaurant for my wife's birthday. Here is the conversation that took place between me and two of my daughters.

22-Year-Old: I am joining the gym.

David: Why?

22-Year-Old: Well, when I go out running in the neighborhood, I get home and hear gunshots around the corner (a few months ago, they were in front of the house, that last time there were in the neighborhood).

David: Get a gun.

22-Year-Old: Yeah, right. I'll just shove one in my running shorts.

6-Year-Old: Don't do that, you'll shoot your privates off.

So much for advancing the dialog for safe and legal gun ownership.

Today "Missy" and I had a date day. She ran out to greet me after church in her bare-feet (was 39 degrees). I took her to the playground, out for fries at "King Burger." Then we came home to do a Playdough project and play with her new Zuzu Pets; which she received for her birthday. It was a fun time. Contrast that to yesterday where I was working, had a recording studio session, and dropped in on her party at a local gym.

She's an animal lover, enjoys Tom & Jerry, tells it like it is, creative and artistic, and well like I said, her attitude is little strong.

We have enrolled her in a bilingual school, and she is pretty much fluent in Spanish. My new nickname for her is La Cabeza de Calabaza (Pumpkin Head). It makes her smile, and it certainly describes the red hair!


Tony C said...

You'll shoot your privates off...priceless!

Hard to believe we're a year old. God has blessed me tremendously with my KB associations, and I am most thankful.

Tracy said...

What a cutie your daughter is in this picture!

Perhaps you and my oldest son are the only 2 people I know who might sincerely suggest their runner beloved (in his case it's his wife; she's a marathon runner so she runs a lot daily) should carry a gun for protection. Guess my response to that to say the line my sons always tease me about:

Isn't it interesting how we're all so different.