Monday, November 1, 2010

The Prayer, Compassion, Hope, Love, Faith Jumble!

The phone text read: I got some bad news today. I had an emergency Cat Scan and the cancer has spread to my brain.

This week your Kingdom Bloggers are going to share about something they are in the midst of praying through.

I stood there stunned, just looking at my Blackberry screen. I have been praying for my friend's healing. for a few months now. I called him when he was in for chemo and I texted him when he was getting radiation treatments. God what is going on?

I have a lot of faith these days - me and some friends prayed for a guy at church that had an infection on his foot. Because he is diabetic, the limb might have had to be amputated. It was completely healed. Dr Jesus was in the house. I guess his doctor was pretty surprised. He was excited enough to call me to tell me the good news!

Things in my life are going pretty smoothly towards my ministry and family goals; kids are doing pretty good, we are working, and have a promise from God. I have had some success praying for cancer patients. HERE is one story. I have another friend that is cancer free that belonged to my men's group.

Then there is Curtis, who has cancer. He hasn't received healing - yet!

He is a great guy; early 40's, 4 kids, lovely wife, sold-out Christian with a call on his life. I am not asking God why, I am asking God to heal him. I don't really care what the doctors say - it's bad in the natural.

I am just praying, will you join me?


Anonymous said...

First of all I join you in praying for your friend Curtis that the Lord would not only heal him but give him a ressurected life...filled with miracles of a New Day.
I stood by my brother's bed in the ICU asking, maybe begging at that time, that the Lord would restore his life ( he was brain dead)It was not meant to be.
A miracle happened in my life. Instead of turning away from the Lord, my brother's death was a catalyst for my salvation and healing. I saw life and death in a new way.
I just read Joni Eareckson Tada's book " A Place of Healing". I have wondered why she has not been healed from her paralysis, along with many others I am sure. She has wondered too. She suffers from chronic pain for the last few years and she is now fighting breast cancer. I had to wonder...just how much can one person take?
I was healed recently of deafness and no longer need my hearing aides. WOW...I have been touched by the Healer Himself!
One thing I remember saying to the Lord just before this happened " Why not me? and Why not now?
So I say for your friend Curtis Why not him? and why not now?

Tony C said...

Curtis has been on my heart since you brought him to my attention over a month ago. He is always lifted in my prayers throughout the day.

As we sang the song in church yesterday 'He is near,' I was overcome by joy and peace as I thought about my brother in the midst of a terrifying trial in his life. He is near, brother Curtis, and you can touch Him. You/we will never be the same.

I cry out to You Abba Father! Heal in only a way You can! For Your reasons! For Your glory! In the name a our Savior Jesus I cry out to You. Amen

Tracy said...

Yes I'll continue to join you in praying for Curtis