Monday, September 6, 2010

Sounds of Summer - The Cup Runs Over

One of the things that I love about Kingdom Bloggers is that we really get to talk about our lives with Jesus. We don't have to teach or preach; just be ourselves. My journey to the current place in life started in August of '06. HERE are the details on that. The story, however; continues.

There is nothing in life richer than knowing God. I could care less about theology or church stuff or religion or anything else. What I care about is Jesus, and knowing him deeply.

This week your Kingdom Bloggers are back from summer break with some testimonies about how God has worked in their lives. Welcome back, Joyce, Tracy, Dave and Tony. Here's mine:

If you read Waiting for the Rain - Acting on a Promise, you know that just as the Lord promised, the rain fell after three and half years. Since that time I found a new church - one that I decided to visit one morning during prayer. The pastor and I have become friends, and we meet together every other week for a few hours. He encourages and loves, as well as appreciating my ministry and spiritual gifts.

David has had a rough time with church. In spite of both seminary and bible school training, as well as completing a certificate class "The Art of Hearing God" and 3 levels of Denny Cramer's prophetic School, I could not find a "place" in church until now.

I have been asked to co-lead one of the ministry teams. I am excited about the possibilities.

Well over a year ago, I wrote about my passion: The equipping of the saints by a 5 part team. I am so certain that God is working towards something called the 5-Fold Ministry model, I can hardly contain myself. I finally had a two hour meeting with the pastor and told him about a vision I had for an "apostolic school;" one where I would teach about, and train others to be part of this type of church. Our vision was so similar, that we had a high-five to end the meeting - a sign of complete agreement. He said that I would have to organize it, and take care of the details. I knocked out a web site during a few lunch hours, and wrote a 15 page booklet to be used for the class.

Cool, right! The best part is that God brought us together, and he is opening all the doors.

And there is more... one day I was driving home and I saw a house up on wheels that was being moved. I clearly heard the Lord say, "you are moving." In one of my chats with the pastor, he mentioned in passing that none of the elders lived in the town where the church is. I heard the Lord say, "This is your town, David; you'll live here.

In June, my wife and I went away for our anniversary. As we were talking, she said that no one seemed that happy in the town we live in, and asked if I would be interested in moving? Wow, I never thought we'd get to the conversation, never mind agree that it might be possible.

We decided to get a small horse farm (2-4 stalls), or move near the ocean. All of the listings that we found on the Internet that were in our price range were at the beach, or; coincidentally, in the town where my new church is. We did look other places, but the farms were taken off the market. Go figure.

A few weeks ago, I was driving to Cape Cod for our family vacation. I have a friend from the Pacific Northwest who is a prophet. He knows stuff, amazing stuff. Because I had time on the two-hour ride, I decided to call him - we hadn't talked in a few months. As I was pressing the SEND button on my cell, I got an email from him. I called him and thought it some what of a coincidence. Joseph said, "Hey, I was praying for you and the Lord says that you are moving northwest - well north then west. Interesting, the new church is northwest of my current home about 55 miles.

So there you have it, a move of God in process. We have decided to move, and have no clue as to how it is all going to work out - just a few promises from God. Here is where the faith comes in. In the midst of waiting, Joseph called me again and said he felt that the doors would open in about 3 weeks. Well, that narrows it down God. Thank you Jesus.

How about you, do you have any promises from God that you are waiting on?


photogr said...


This is great news. Congrats. I had felt that you would find a church home that fits.

"How about you, do you have any promises from God that you are waiting on?"

I really don't know if He has promised me any thing but I do know that trusting in Him, I have been blessed. I just try to follow where He leads me.

Joyce Lighari said...

This is awesome David. God is good. It is so good to see God put things together like that, gives me a little hope for myself -

Tracy said...

It's cool how God is bringing about what He wants for you in His timing!