Friday, September 10, 2010

So Father...let's do this Your way.

I posted on Kingdom Bloggers last December about taking over the college-aged Sunday School class at church. Although there was both excitement and anxiety about the new venture, I must report a little over 8 months later that the experience has been one of the greatest blessing God has ever given to me.

Each Sunday, our church's bulletin has a call for help to fill several open positions in different ministries. I can't begin to tell you how this breaks my heart. The church I attend has well over 300 members, but in typical fashion, it seems that there are a handful of people that do the work required by the church's called ministries. Even more heartbreaking is the fact I know we are in the norm and not the exception when it comes to this problem.

How can this be?

A little over a month ago, I requested to speak before worship services to the Sunday morning crowd. I shared my angst over the open teaching positions, but I also shared what a tremendous blessing it had been to work in the Sunday School ministry. I was honest about my anxieties and reluctance to take the class because of the time commitment then joked about my epiphany and realizing the awesome teacher I was replacing was also the Vice-President of a Fortune 500 could I be any busier than him? I poured it out and poured it on strong. When finished, a sense of accomplishment came over me as I headed back to my drummer's throne tucked away behind the piano.

Those same positions are still open today...

We are truly creatures of habit, and attitude is as much habit as anything else about us. While it still bothers me to open the bulletin and continue to see the request for help going unanswered, God has helped me focused on what He has me doing. Each Sunday, I come to class prepared and ready to challenge a group of young adults who need to question and understand why it is they believe what they say they believe. I stay involved in their lives throughout the week. When they hurt or struggle, I pray for them and hurt with them. When the celebrate yet another milestone or accomplishment, I praise God for them and celebrate with them. I can't even type this paragraph without tearing up thinking about the awesome blessing each and every one in the class is to me personally.

Maybe that is a much more effect way to motivate others to get involved. I know not every person has a talent or aptitude to teach. I don't have the talent to sing or work in children's church either. Jesus teaches extensively about the Church being a body made up of different parts...each with a role to fill.

So, I will continue to keep on keeping on with what I have been called to do. I will do so with my very best effort and attitude. I will stay involved and interact with my students with love and compassion. I will share with others what a tremendous blessing and privilege it is to be a small part of the Body working for the Kingdom. I will reflect all credit and glory to the One who allows me said privilege.

And if by some chance that rubs off on somebody else and motivates them to pick up the slack...praise be to God!

A few of the gang with a picture message for an absent fellow classmate. The small red head in the back is a special guest...

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David said...

Doing what you are called to do in the Kingdom is the most refreshing and fulfilling experience a Christian can have.

For many years I did what I was good at, talented at, or had a degree in.

Finally, I am doing what God has called me to do, and loving it all.

Enjoyed the post!