Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A wise but strange group

I've been busy working these days.  I felt that I had to shed a few things from my life, and unfortunately, blogging has been one of them.  However, at long last, I have a job.  I'm teaching at a Technical College and I find I love it!

The idea of naming your Board of Directors as a topic for Kingdom Bloggers had actually come from me a few months ago.  The KBers have graciously allowed me to contribute on this topic. 

Okay, whose on my personal Board of Directors and why?  My Board includes mostly people who are no longer with us.

My first member would be Charles Wesley.  He was not known for his pleasant personality, but his combination of personal piety, and practical help to people is something I wish to emulate.  Such a great theological mind and yet, someone who also built schools and provided for the needy all the time sharing the gospel and discipling individuals.  I would imagine he would be quite outspoken, opinionated, yet, filled with wisdom.  His connections might help me find my place in ministry.

The next member of my Board of Directors would be Aimee Semple McPherson.  McPherson was an early Pentecostal preacher/pastor.  She founded a large church in Los Angeles as well as the Pentecostal denomination, the Church of the Four Square.  She was a forerunner in media, was known to be quite flamboyant, and yet fed the poor in amazing numbers during the depression.  She would bring zeal and provide a how-to model for moving forward.  Her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is something I could use.

The next person is the most important person on my Board of Directors.  Its my dad, Olav Johannesen.  He just had a birthday yesterday.  He would have been 113 had he lived.  I was very short changed in being able to receive guidance from him as he died when I was a teenager.  His most outstanding characteristic was I never heard him say something bad about anyone.  And I mean NO ONE... NEVER... EVER.  He would provide balance and wisdom that is tempered with gentleness and compassion.

The next two people are people I met in South Dakota.  For those of you following this blog for a while, you know how I hated living in SD.  However, part of the purpose of that crucible was to meet these two individuals.  The first one was my theology professor, Philip Thompson.  If you were to put a picture next to the word Grace, you would see Philip. He is a superior theologian whose kindness and ability to inspire and encourage surpasses anyone else I have ever met.  He would bring moderation and focus.

The other person is a woman who provided me guidance and support.  She has the ability to ask tough questions and helped me sort out the past from the present to move to the future.  

Finally, I would have Deborah from the Book of Judges on my Board of Directors.  She is one of two people in the Bible who were both prophet and judge.  She is the example of strong female leadership.  She would help dispel the myth that women are not capable.  I've been planning and moving toward my destiny in ministry, she certainly would be a huge help to me as I continue to move forward.  I imagine she wouldn't let me ever whine.

So there they are... my personal wisdom counsel.  Who would you choose?


Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise to see your post. I thought of the three women that you mentioned...capable, wise and leaders. In the church we have certainly made strides a far as using women, but there is still a ways to go.
Two things I think of and it is this. Billy Graham's daughter was speaking to a congregation and the men ( I am not sure if all) but they took their chairs and actually turned them around in protest of not being taught by a woman.
Another comes to mind and it is Deborah. I have heard more than once,men, explaining away why the Lord used her.
Enjoyed hearing from you this a.m.

Big Mouse said...

Greaat post

Big Mouse said...

Great bllog post