Monday, September 17, 2012

Wise Counsel

Have you ever considered who you’d pick for your own personal advisory board? This week on Kingdom Bloggers, we are hand picking our own board of directors. Who’s on your list?


It would be great to have my own personal board of directors; trusted people who have various gifts and perspectives. My first pick is John Paul Jackson. He’s a seasoned man of God, has integrity, plus my Man thinks he looks like God (movie portrayals), and who wouldn’t want God on your board of directors. What appeals to me most is he is a modern-day prophet. I need prophetic people around me, and who better to direct you than one whom God has given foreknowledge to?

My second pick is James Maloney. James knows and can teach scripture as well as anyone I’ve met. He brings the Scripture alive, and what’s more, he is able to aptly apply the truth in Scripture to life. Not too mention, he has unique supernatural gifting. He is also prophetic with a strong seer ability.

Next, I would pick Danny Silk. Danny cares about people and relationships. Where a relationship needs mending, Danny offers wise counsel to restore and reconcile broken relationships, at the same time making everyone involved feel empowered.

My board of directors is a little male-dominated so to even things out I’d invite my two friends, Janice & Nancy. Nancy has known me a long time, we have history; she loves me and has walked through many tests with me. I trust her judgement and listen to her counsel. Janice is the wisest woman I know. She’s also fearless and encourages me to trust God and take risks.

Finally, I’d invite Oprah Winfrey to my board of directors because I want someone with deep pockets to bankroll all the things I want to accomplish.

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Linda Maynard said...

Oprah for shock therapy? ha-ha...I was like OPRAH??? But I get it...the money.
The saddest thing I had heard Oprah say is that when she was at a service at...(I can't think of his name but the Pastor who Obama got in trouble about because he used to attend his church in Chicago) that church in Chicago, The preacher said that "God is a jealous God" And Oprah said something like " I do NOT want a God who is jealous OF me"...Of course we know that God is jealous FOR us" I wish I could meet her to tell her that she misunderstood that. She said that was the turning point away from Christianity (sad)
Also, I saw John Paul Jackson in Framingham MA years ago and his hair was very long. He has those piercing eyes too! Well as soon as he started talking a man from in back of the room started yelling " This man is a false prophet! he tells lies and I am here to warn you...don't listen to him" I remember John Paul addressing him kindly and then pretty much ignored him