Sunday, March 4, 2012

Right at Home

He never really felt quite at home.

He stumbled
He fumbled
He got bucked off

He prayed

He stood
He picked up
He got back on

He loved to fish…wasn’t much on catchin’
He listened—especially to a child.
He smiled when he cried.

He saw:
Big in little
God in dirty
Strength in weak

He said: 
                “Take yer time—you’ll get there faster”
                “If you don’t quit you win”
“Just ‘cuz you can—don’t mean you should”
“Can’t clean a fish before you catch it”
“Words are powerful”
 “A love filled prayer, in the hands of faith, is the strongest force on earth”
“Everybody matters”

He spelled unique—YOUnique

He lived simple, quiet and slow

When he failed, he prayed…he prayed, often.

His Hero was Jesus—which made all the difference.

He believed the nursery rhyme:
Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream…and when you die—you truly wake.

And now—he’s truly awake.

He never really felt quite at home...until now.



Linda Maynard said...

Words ARE powerful! You hit a home run again.
PS Oh my goodness though...echoes of my dad " Just because you can doesn't mean you should"

Kerry Luddy said...

You are a poet. As Linda said, a home run. The theme of not feeling at home cuts to the heart of the matter.

caryjo said...

Touched my heart, made me grin, made me sigh, made me look forward to being in his favorite forever place. Thanks, Doug.