Thursday, March 15, 2012

Psalm 17 Totally Paraphrased

This week on Kingdom Bloggers, we were all asked to write about our favorite Psalm. I had something written this morning about Psalm 17 and went to send it in and my computer crashed and it was lost.
It is almost 3p.m. and my husband finally got it going.
I am frustrated to say the least and so for some comic relief, I decided to write the following.
You heard O Lord my righteous plea.
You listened to my pathetic plea. It came from quivering lips.
May my vindication come from You, when my husband asks “what did you do?”
When he probed me for an answer, I felt I was being examined… You never condemned me.
But Lord, You said “You didn’t do anything my child…sometimes computers act crazy”
I kept myself from the ways of the violent and didn’t punch him in the nose.
As I stepped into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, I made sure that my mouth didn’t slip up with words I might’ve regretted
I know that You will answer me and my mumbling and grumblings. You will remind me to be patient.
You made me safe from my enemy (the computer), as I take a time out. (You also made the computer safe from me, so I wouldn’t smash it)
Keep me as the apple of your eye. (That makes me think I should have a snack of an apple. It would be good for me right now too.)
Hide me, as a mother bird would her babies,  as I wonder if it IS my fault the computer messed up.
All the old negative tapes, in my head, are attacking me now…saying “you always mess up the computer and you’ll never know what you are doing”.
The enemy knows all my weak points and is taking advantage of me.
But NO LORD!...I WILL confront them and bring them down with Your help. You died to save me from guilt and condemnation.
You still my heart, as I’ve gained perspective. I CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.
I look into the room and I see my husband’s face. It says that I will be satisfied with my computer’s restoration.
But Lord, no matter what”…I await the day that I will be totally content in Your Presence and at peace seeing You face to face. There aren’t any computer rooms that I might be assigned to in heaven, are there?

Linda Maynard



Joyce Lighari said...

So sorry for your frustration!! Nevertheless, it gave birth to a beautiful blog.

Somze said...

Completely hilarious. Even the most frustrating situations can be handled with scripture and humor.

Kerry Luddy said...

Ha ha! Humor is good medicine, Linda. You are so creative.