Monday, May 10, 2010

There is a God, How Much Proof Do You Need?

The first couple of times that I was confronted with the "god" question, I stood my ground pretty well. I was educated, logical, rational and as a teenager, I was at the pinnacle of my intelligence. Isn't it wonderful how much more God knows than I do?

This week the faithful are going to write about a simple story the includes at least two characters, them and Jesus.

I really wasn't much of a challenge for God, I just had never experienced Him. Once I did, however; I have never doubted. I have learned more about God, and what He does, about His character, and about His ways, but I have never been able to answer the question, does God exist?" and not answer it with a yes.

I have witnessed God doing some of the "big stuff" miracles, healing, cars running without gas, cancer falling off and so many supernatural events that I can't even remember them all. Living in, and by the Spirit, is a way of life. If we can learn to release the new man, it is much easier to walk in godliness, purity and and do what we see the Father doing. When we try to use religious formulas, we can easily end up on dry ground.

In 1989 I took a cross country trip. I had lots of trouble before I got to a place where I could take the time to travel. I had been far from God. I didn't pray, I didn't go to church, but I did know that He was there.I just wasn't connecting - nor was I trying to. In spite of the miracles, and power that I had been a witness to, I left most of it behind.

You might ask yourself why, and the truth is simply this: I wanted to do things my way, and the pursuit of Kingdom goals was just too costly.

I often think of Elijah in 1 Kings 19:11-13.After all the wonder and power on Mt Carmel (1 Kings 18), he ends up running for his life. It is here that he is in the cave and the Lord is not found in the wind, the fire or the earthquake - and that it how it was for me. I saw the Lord, but I came to know Him in the simple things.

I know him from the love that I receive from my wife and kids. I knew Him as I visited 32 National Parks, as I looked into the eyes of the poor in Brazil, and in the quiet times as I looked out over the ocean, or a valley in the Rockies. I saw him in the reef fish in the Caribbean - yes, that is where I saw the very personality of God. He was the sunset, he was the blowing snow - He was the fragrance of fresh picked flowers, and warmth of sunshine on my face.

One day I stood atop a granite spire in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and I looked up and there I heard His voice. He spoke a very personal promise to me that I have never shared - but those few words have keep me going for many years.

How about you, how much proof do you need? What does God need to do for you to be joyful and prosperous?


Tony C said...

We sang the song 'He is Near' in worship this past Sunday morning. It was the very last song. I tell you more on Friday...

Great stuff David. Praise God for being God!

Joyce said...

I didn't know you've been up here in the Black Hills. I can imagine God would speak to you there. It is one of the few things about South Dakota that is really worth coming here for.
You give me hope that God does occasionally show up in South Dakota.
You always make it hard to follow! Great job.

photogr said...

I just pray I heard Him right. I think I just grabed a tiger by the tail and I am holding on for dear life.