Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obstacle Course

Early in my Faith, I thought God was a harsh dude that was waiting to hammer me for my sins, as well as, for all of  my mistakes.  Sorta like a drill instructor.  After all, I had just enrolled in God's Army and He was gonna break me down so He could build me back up. And of course, because this was the angry, ready to smite, make people wander 40 years in a desert God, I just knew God was gonna spend alotta time breaking me down.

There were times I really felt like God wasn't just testing me, He was tormenting me, taunting me, waiting for me to mess up.  It was like I was running an obstacle course and He was barking all sorts of commands at me.  He also would also change to the course at any given moment.  Or He would throw more obstacles at me, just to see how much I could endure.

After a few years of yelling and cussing at God and telling God I wasn't gonna play His game anymore, I eventually saw God for who He is. I saw God as the Dad who loves all His kids and wants them to overcome the trials of life.

Thank God, He rescued me from my limited view of Him.

Looking back, I can see how He removed hazards, filled in pits and even rescued me from the times I got off His course. I also can see how He widened the path, (Psalm 18.36) and how even had me by the hand (Psalm 37.24).


Tracy said...

Interesting how we get these ideas about God....I too had many misperceptions for a long time, and am still growing in my knowledge and experience of Him every day. My misperceptions were somewhat similar to yours, I always figured that God was disappointed in me and I wasn't measuring up, that I could just never get it right (not so very different from that drill instructor letting you know where you're doing it wrong). I'm so grateful that God is so much bigger and better than my understanding and that he takes me just as I am, loves and wants me just as I am, and is patient to help me learn and come to know Him for who He really is (vrs my weird religious thoughts or feelings related to my how my parents were, etc.)

Tony C said...

That picture gave me flashbacks!

Almost 6 billion people and every one has a different way of boxing in God...including yours truly.

Maybe the world needs more God of the OT.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Nothing like having and understanding dad!

Joyce said...

Yes, Tony we all find ways to put God in a box...
I had the hammer view of God too