Monday, May 3, 2010

Planting a Seed - God at Work

It seems the longer I blog - about 4 years now - the more unbelievers I come into contact with. In the old days, believers could hide out in a Christian ghetto called the church. Unless the atheists, the witches, the satanists and the agnostics came to us, we rarely had contact with those that did not believe in Jesus.

The Internet has changed all that. This blog is pretty easy to find, yet I am sure most folks don't bother with a Christian blog unless they A) find it interesting, or B) have something negative to say.

Although me and the KB gang are no theologians, some of us still like a lively religious debate - and a couple of us don't mind letting you know what we think about politics either. Check out Tony C Today or Fire and Grace to get a taste of the real us.

This week the faithful are going to write about a time when we were actually able to influence someone who was a nonbeliever to move towards a decision for Christ.

In 2001 I was doing a young adults meeting - basically 13 to 33 was the age range. Most of the kids had been in church for a good part of their lives, but they were not connecting with God. Let's just say most of them were engaging in behavior that was not Christian. The little group of about 10 began to grow. The power of God was very evident at that meetings.We originally met on Saturday nights, but as God began to move; as He got a hold of these kids, things began to happen and we started meeting on other nights.

We had a little revival meeting going on - some times six days a week! The kids looked forward to showing up after work, and after school. I was very happy to have them teach each other, lay hands on them for healing and encouragement, and prophesy. I have written about this group of young Christians before. HERE

After a few months of regular meetings, the group started to invite friends from school. The folks that let me use their family room for meetings were also foster parents. One Friday I showed up at the house and  had a rather urgent sense about starting the meeting. Our usual was to get pizza and fellowship before we got started. I cranked up the worship CDs and the kids started to dribble in from other rooms in the house.

After a few songs, the hosts introduced us to a foster girl who was 16-years-old. She was going to be spending a few days and then going back to her regular home. She came in and sat on one of the couches. I had the kids go around the room and introduce themselves. I thought I heard the Holy Spirit say, tonight is the night of salvation. I decided that most folks don't believe in God because they think He is a far away mythical being with no real substance. I decided to have the kids tell her why they thought God was real.

They were powerful testimonies. They talked about miracles, healing, sin, repentance and deliverance. We weren't half way around the circle and I looked across and said, "Did you want to receive Jesus like these guys?"

"Yes." she said through the tears of repentance.

I did some dumb little sinner's prayer and she followed along. I know that she had already accepted Jesus in her heart, I just wanted her to know what that was all about. She sobbed for a long time and a couple of the girls comforted her.

After a while I asked her if we could pray for her. "Yes." she said. A bunch of us laid hands on her and she radically filled with the Holy Spirit - it was something out of the book of Acts!

I wish that we had, had a way to follow up, but she left with a Bible and bunch of phone numbers for churches in her area.

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photogr said...

I would imagine those are the times that follow up would have been a good thought. As one comes into the fold of the Lord, they need mentors that will guide them along their walk and teach them to pray and what to read as well as being there to pick them up when they stumble.

Being touched by the Holy Spirit is only the beginning of their journey