Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Prayer to the King

Hoping, waiting for God to hear my prayers
Giving to God each day my cares
What is there to do but wait?
When each day I seem unable to control my fate
Here Am I Lord, your servant in distress
Trying to pick up the pieces of this mess

What am I to do but wait on His wing?
When all is falling apart, His praises I still sing
All is lost and all is gained
Heart is still beating yet pained
What is this life for whom am I living?
For each pain His grace is giving

Feeling overwhelmed and so stressed
Knowing I am sheltered and blessed
This is how life goes sometimes
Created spotless life begrimes
Bruised but not broken
For me He has spoken

He holds me dear in His heart
No struggle in life can keep us apart
I know He holds my hand as I walk
Hears my prayers before I can talk
Holds me in His highest esteem
Cleanses me spotless restores my gleam

He keeps me through the struggles in life
Finds the joy that keeps me through the strife
Praise to a Savior, Praise to the King
In struggles and pain His praises I will still sing


Guest blogger - Bethany Lighari 


photogr said...

Ah men Joyce. So inspiring.

Joyce said...

yes, it is - it was written by my daughter, Bethany - her blog is

Linda Maynard said...

Just beautiful Bethany...your writing is so heartfelt

eaglegirl said...

Beautiful words, maybe one day they will be put to music.