Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today I plan on attending the Memorial Day parade in Holliston, MA; a little town not too far from Boston. We'll probably park the car at St. Mary's, arriving early enough to get a shady seat on the bench in front of Fisk's Variety Store. My wife's family and friends will be there. (MORE on this story)

It's a yearly tradition much like Christmas or Easter. It's a time when our family plans to be with others, to have a feast, and make some memories.

Memorial Day is not a Christian celebration - and like Christmas and Easter, it has for the most part, become something that it's not. HERE is the history of Memorial Day.

Yesterday a fellow at work was talking about being a kid in Brooklyn and going to the parade. They had tanks and other military equipment which you could go and climb on after the parade. Wow! Me, I am small town sort of guy - we had a couple of old Ford's and a few WWI vets.

It's hard not to be grateful when we are face-to-face with a WW II vet. It's hard not to be proud of those that are home from a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan. I admit, I am lost for feelings as I remember the lives of those that dies in battle,

Today is a day in which we are to remember those that gave thier life so that the US could be what it is today. In many ways it is not a spiritual day - except when we think about the founding of the US as the only other country in the world that was set apart for the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob except for Israel. Hmm...

Unfortunately war will be a way of life.until the last generation. In all it's violence, destruction and death, it seems to be the only force left in which nations can shape themselves. There is no more undiscovered land - it's all taken. I wonder what world events will cause the 10 (horns) kingdoms described in Revelation? What if the EU is the first?

In between root beer, hamburgers and lemonade, I am remembering those that have died in service to our country - wondering how many of them will be in Heaven?

I think about my dad who served in 2 wars and received 2 Purple Hearts. He was a disabled vet most of his life. I am thinking about the fear and violence on the battlefield - something out of Saving Private Ryan - soldiers giving the ultimate sacrifice.

I am thinking about the sacrifice of Jesus who took my place on the cross.

I am thinking of millions of small flags placed on the graves of those the lost their lives so that you and I could be free to worship Jesus.

I am thinking that freedom isn't free.

I am praying for our troops.

I am praying for God to have mercy on the US.

I am thinking about the return of Jesus.

How about you, what are you thinking about today?

May God Bless America - Happy Memorial Day

(Photos Life Magazine unless otherwise noted)


Linda Maynard said...

REMEMBER is the word that comes to me

It is with a heavy heart and yet one filled with gratitude for the soldiers that gave their life for me and my country...I remember

I don't want any of us to forget those who have been wounded by war. I pray that they get all the services they need for the sacrifices they gave...I remember

I think of Christian martyrs who in times of past and in the immediate time, gave their lives for the cause of Christ. I ask myself would I do that?...I remember them

I remember all the First Responders who died at the World Trade Center. They went in to save lives, as others fled out. Also the Fire Fighters, the Police and other official people involved with the "clean up" of the World Trade Center are dying in record numbers from the diseases they have contracted through their work. I pray their families will be justly compensated ( a bill before Congress now) After 9-11, we have promised " Never Forget"...I remember

I think of my ancestors coming from Poland to the US...the land of opportunity. They came for freedom too...I remember

So that we can all have eternal life, my precious Savior went to the cross in my place...I hope I never forget and remember

America, America God shed His grace on Thee...let us not evr forget that

Tracy said...

I'm grateful for men and women who like your father, sacrificed for our country. I make sure to take time to pray for our nation and for the safety of our troops.