Monday, October 31, 2011

Are You Living the Dream?

About once a year, I have a dinner party where I invite two couples and instruct them to each invite another couple who I wouldn’t know so we have 10 people around the table; two couples of which I am meeting for the first time. When the guests arrive, each guest is given a number which corresponds to a table seat and at every seat I’ve placed a question to ask another person; their evening’s mission is to find the answer. The questions vary from what is their most daring accomplishment to what type of animal do they best relate. It’s an evening my Man, who is an introvert, looks forward to every year (not) but his involvement is an incredible testament to how much I am loved.

My favourite question is to ask is to find out what their childhood dream was and if they are living their dream as an adult. This week on Kingdom Bloggers, I’ve posed the question to the others. I can’t wait to learn about the others, and while we’re sharing our childhood dreams, why don’t you answer the question in the comments.


I was 5 years old when I understood there was a world outside of what I could experience. My older cousin had travelled to Sweden to go to Bible School and I made a vow in my heart I was going to go to Bible School in Sweden also. In grade 1, my teacher was making preparations to move to Holland following the school year and she told us many stories about the history and culture of Holland and I made a vow in my heart that I would go to Holland.

I also had aspirations of being a flight attendant; they were still called stewardess back then. I was fearless in travel and wanted to see the world. As soon as I graduated from high school, I left alone for Europe and my first stop was Holland. I attended Bible School in Austria so I didn’t make it to Sweden yet but I’m still young(ish). (I own furniture from IKEA, does that count?)

I stayed in Europe for a year – until my money ran out and I felt pressures from home to start my “real” life.  I’ve been grounded for almost 20 years but the Lord is renewing a thirst for travel, this time with the purpose of doing ministry. I’ve received several prophetic words that indicate travel and flight are in my future. As I child I reviled the thought of being a missionary, particularly to developing countries. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, but I don’t like being dirty. I still don’t like to be dirty but I see my mission not as long term but rather to make quick trips to leave a deposit to strengthen the church and its leaders and then exit.

Am I living my dream? If you asked me five years ago, I would have said no. Currently, it doesn’t look like I am but I have much anticipation the dreams I had as a child were God-given and where God gives a vision, he also provides the provision so I know I’m on my way.

What was your childhood dream? Is it still the same?


It's Something Beautiful said...

Andrea...I love the idea you have for your dinner parties. I also love to hear about people and "what makes them tick."
Also, I can relate to the stewardess dream...I am not sure I thought about the travel as much as how pretty they were and how glamorous their job seemed. However I have a close friend who was a flight attendant and the glamour part is overrated.
I like how your destiny has taken a wonderful turn and can't wait to hear the adventures you will share about those mission trips
Linda Maynard

David-FireAndGrace said...

I had lots of dreams as a kid. I loved motor sports, then hockey and music... and art.

Secretly I devoured National Geographic and wanted to travel.

In the midst of life I never went to far. I joined the service in the 80s with we an option for Europe. I never got stationed there.

After meeting Jesus, he made it happen. I traveled for him to Brazil and Norway. One day he gave a map to a friend, and on it was many countries I long to visit. So, yes, in some ways I am.

Thanks for sharing!

Tony C said...

I might have to steal your dinner party idea! Apples to Apples is getting old.

This should be an interesting week.