Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Questions

Every week, Kingdom Bloggers write about personal experiences, sharing our joys and struggles. We learn from each other by sharing stories but this week, we want to learn about our readers.

Every day, each writer will be asking 3 questions to you. We were going to go with 20 Questions but Tony can't count that high, so 3 it is.

I get to go first:

1,  What are the last 3 books you’ve read?
2,  If you could do a missions trip anywhere, where would you go?
3,  What sports do you watch/play?
I'll answer in the comments too.


David-FireAndGrace said...

I see that you have taken to managing Tony C - as it should be.

3 books:
- Like a Mighty Wind by Mel Tari
- 9 o'Clock in the Morning by Dennis Bennett
- Good Morning Holy Spirit

Mission Trip:
It's hard to say but I think I would choose South Africa

-Watch hockey, but I just bought a new pair for skates.
-I watch some basketball, and the Superbowl.
-I run, cycle and shoot targets.

If I had money I would gt a dirt bike.

Andrea York said...

3 Books:
1 - The Seer, James Goll
2 - Heavy Rain, Kris Vallotton
3 - Bossy Pants, Tina Fey

Missions Trip:
D.R. Congo, but this past weekend, made some connections for Germany

I don't watch on TV but I feel energized by any sport being at the game, and I don't play sports but when I do, I enjoy baseball most.

TMZ said...

Fatherless Generation, John Sowers
Nightmare, Robin Parrish
The Unseen, T.L. Hines

Missions Trip:
Spent this past summer in Milwaukee and would be thrilled to go back and serve there again someday. Outside the US, I'd love to return to the UK.

Not big into playing them, but I absolutely adore baseball. Just something inspiring and peaceful and incredible about the game.

Tony C said...

Hey! I can count to 10 on a good day thank you very much!

1. I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist- Frank Turek
Heaven in for Real- Todd Burpo
Trojan Horse: How the New Age Movement Infiltrates the Church- Samantha Smith (Don't recommend)

2. Rural China

3. Love all major sports...but tennis. Too dainty for me.