Monday, August 1, 2011

The Recipe of My Life - Building Blocks To Individualism

Some Days I am a Lot of Things!
Dr. Phil wrote a cool book entitled "Defining Moments" or something like that. I heard him hawking it on his show. It was all about the 7 or 8 experiences in life that really define us, the significant ones make us who we are. And with a spiritual twist, that is what each one of the Kingdom Bloggers will be writing about this week.

I suppose that if I was to go back through my life I would find some experiences that defined who I was; well when I first met Jesus. I was abused kid from a broken home. I ended up with a drug and alcohol problem (I kept running out!). I had certain talents and likes that shaped some of my decisions: art, hockey, and music. I still like all of them nearly 50 years later. There were activities that I did with my family, or because someone in it enjoyed, so I joined in. Many of those I don't do anymore. Especially camping!

I have an average intelligence with and aptitude for mechanics and logic. It comes in pretty handy as a software engineer. My love language is "time together" and I love kids, especially girls. Both are required skills for navigating the sea of progesterone at the Johndrow' house!

This topic is about moments, but in July of 1978 I crossed the river that separates light from darkness. That moment, the perspective of my addiction, the abuse, even my own talents changed so dramatically, some of the guys from high school don't believe what they see in me 35 years later. Jesus will do that to you. He can take those moments of pain and agony, the ones filled with hopelessness and despair, and poof, they are healed and meaningless.

Don't get me wrong, I still have stuff, but I have piled on years and years of blessings which far outweighs the good old days.

My life is most easily defined by the risks (steps of faith) I have been willing to take. Jesus says go here, and when I do, amazing things begin to happen. I am going to talk about those, and leave some horror stories of my alcoholism and insane family life on the blogs in which I have already written about them. HERE is one on my alcoholism. HERE is one about my dad - a difficult relationship until he was finally saved.

So, in chronological order this is a list of my defining spiritual moments. Each title is linked to the full story!

-1 Salvation: This was pretty amazing, and so powerful I wept every time I talked about it, and sometimes I still do! I was sent off to an Alateen conference, and there, I went from being an atheist to a believer. It took some time, but it certainly took deep roots.
-2 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: I thought I had it all and then God opened up a faucet from heaven. David began to understand the Scripture "Rivers of Living Water will flow from your belly." (John 7:38) All I can say is that I went from passionate, to ON FIRE for Jesus. It was the doorway to releasing my spiritual gifts, a deeper relationship with Jesus, and eyes that opened to the spiritual realms.
-3 My Complete Overhaul: I went to a Marilyn Hickey "Save the Family Encounter" in 1994. Wow! All I can say is that I was not the same when I came back. Healing, encouragement, impartation - wow!
-4 Ken Sill's Prophecy: In 1994 I went to see a career counselor who was also a Christian. He gave me all the standard tests, and some of his own. In the end we prayed and the Lord told him to tell me to buy a Macintosh computer and the software Photoshop in 1994. It opened the door for me to be in business during the DOT COM boom, and I am still happily coding even today!
-5 Denny Cramer's Prophecy: over me in January of 1998 regarding writing, mission and prophesying. I had not had any significant experiences with prophetic people until this day in January of 1998. Hi words about writing, about missions, and about prophesying were amazing, wonderful and seemingly far fetched.... until they began to happen.
-6 My first mission trip to Brazil: I cannot describe what it is like to get on a plane in the US and land in a country where you do not know that language. Until it happened, I did not have a paradigm for it. It was as life changing as being Born Again for me. I love to do short term missions, and I am waiting for the next opportunity.
-7 Marriage: What can one say about the spouse who changed their life; all for the better!
-8 God leading me to Faith Worship Center: In 2010 I came to the end of a three-and-half-year journey in the desert. There 10 years of revelation, hope and anointing were released! So often it is easy t see the desert as a place of death. For this with spiritual eye, there is life everywhere.

How about you, can you tell us about one defining spiritual "ah ha"?


Tony C said...

Very cool David. I enjoyed reading each one of them, some for the second or third time. Very powerful, very moving.

Thanks for sharing so much of what God has done in your life. Love you brother.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Thanks, Tony. I appreciate your friendship!

Tracy said...

This "puzzle" that you have posted that's comprised of your pictures is awesome.

As I read this all I can think about is how good our God is!

Andrea York said...

You didn't give up anything for the good ole days - those days are still ahead.

I love the prophecies that you received and you took them to heart and allowed them to birth something new. Not all prophecies turn into reality - we have to receive the word in our hearts as well as in our head.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

AMEN and AMEN!!! His word will not return void!!! Great testimony!