Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Are Family

Some of you may think that I avoided writing yesterday because David was just so good and I couldn’t top it.  Actually I thought about not writing at all for that reason J!  Seriously, I was rather busy yesterday.  Today, I’m getting ready to make and can more mango salsa and mango chutney. 

When I first heard the topic, I thought the topic was what we have learned since writing as a Kingdom Blogger.  Then I read David’s blog and thought, oh, what did we learn about each other?  Now that’s a different story. 

The KB’er I know the best is David.  He is the only one I’ve met in person.  Like he said, we went to Norway on a mission trip together.  I don’t even remember the names of most of the people I went on that trip with but David stood out then and stands above now.  I think if there is one word I’d use for him, it would be faithful.  I know bits and pieces of his life through his blogs.  What I see is a man faithful to the call of God, faithful to his family – a guy that goes on lots of date nights with his wife.  He is a father devoted to his children.  He is also the glue that keeps us together on KB.  He tries at times because of busyness and life to pass the torch of leadership on KB to others.  We try to pick it up but often fail miserably. 

I don’t know Tracy or Tony that well.  I know them only through their writings and our brief exchanges by email.  But I pray for them.  I’ve shed some tears of late as I’ve stormed heaven for David.  I’d do the same for them.  I love them like family.  I hope to meet Tony since we live in the same state now.  I know they pray for me.  They both encourage me.

The thing I’ve learned since writing for KB is that I can write and I enjoy it.  But the most important thing I’ve learned from KB is that the Kingdom of God can and does operate here.  We are family.  We love each other.  We share our lives here in a way that is more intimate that most of us can or do at church on Sunday. 

Tertullian, a father of the church, quoted a pagan who spoke of Christians saying “look how they love one another.”  That’s how it is on the other side of KB – the side you the reader doesn’t see – we love one another.

We all seem to live by Romans 12:10 Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle.  (The Message)


David-FireAndGrace said...

Thanks, Joyce. You know your prayers were added to a couple of words of knowledge along with the prayers of other, and my heart is healed - yes 100% in spite of the face 2/3 die from the disease or need heart transplants!

Thanks for your friendship, insight and wisdom. The others are lucky to have you as a friend, I guarantee it.

Tracy said...

David - that's Wonderful!!!

Joyce - adore the way that particular verse reads in The Message paraphrase.

Tony C said...

Being a part of this team as supercharged my spiritual walk. I feel like I can focus on foward and not look over my shoulder because my fellow Kingdom Bloggers have my back.

We will meet in person...I just know that.

Joyce Lighari said...

yep! that's a perfect way to put it - we have each other's back. It's odd but it is so biblical to love each other even though we haven't met.