Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stop for the One

I wish you could meet Anne Waterton. Anne is passion personified. She could say, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ,” but she would never say that lest she take any part of the glory that belongs to Christ. Instead, Anne would say, “Follow Jesus, never mind about me.” Anne is passionate about Jesus. I want to be passionate about Jesus like Anne is passionate about Jesus.

Anne has never, and will never be the ‘face’ of public ministry. She will never tour with the Women of Faith or make a name for herself by being a Bible teacher like Kay Arthur, Joyce Meier, or Beth Moore. You will never read a book written by Anne. She is not like Heidi Baker, who has performed miracles in the name of Jesus that can be seen on youtube. Anne probably doesn’t even know who Heidi Baker is but she lived by the same principle, “Stop for the one.” I want to stop for the one, and never miss an opportunity to share the love of Jesus by offering a meal, pray for healing, or just sit and listen.

Anne has three natural children, but I’m certain her descendants are as numerous as the stars in the sky, like Abraham. Whomever God puts in her path, Anne stops for them, usually feeds them and loves them, encourages them in the Word and then continues to pray for them. She is a spiritual mother to so many and her legacy continues to multiply until Jesus comes again. I want to build a future legacy for my natural descendants and my spiritual descendants so that the Lord will bless them as he promises. I want to be a spiritual mother and disciple others to obey everything Jesus commanded.

I met Anne 15 years ago. We would sit together at church; her husband was no longer around and mine didn’t attend church. Anne had a Tuesday night supper prayer group. I don’t know if I invited myself (because that would be like me) or if she invited me (because that would be like her) but I started attending the Tuesday night supper prayer group.

Anne cooked supper for a group of women, usually 6-8. We ate together and then read a passage of Scripture before praying together. Tuesday nights were just one of the myriad of ways that Anne put love into action, loving all the wounded Christians back to spiritual health that showed up at her door; and we were many. She never wondered, “Is this the Father’s will?” Anne spent a lot of time in intimacy with the Father that she knew his will and did it, just like Jesus. I want to spend time with the Father and know his will and do it too, like Anne, like Jesus.

I wish you could meet Anne, but you never will – at least not this side of heaven. The last time I saw Anne, the Holy Spirit said to me, “This is the last time you will see her.” I was grieved but then I saw a vision of heaven. The angels’ joy was uncontainable; they were preparing for the party when God would finally bring her home. All of heaven was excited because Anne had been so faithful, so passionate to do the will of the Father. I want to be famous in heaven because of my faith.

On Friday, June 17, at 5:30pm, Anne walked into heaven and the Father greeted her saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share in your Master’s happiness.” Anne was passion personified. I want to do the works that are prepared in advance for me to do and when it is over, I want the Father to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I want to be like Anne Waterton.

My name is Andrea York. I am humbled and honored to be invited to join this talented group of writers at Kingdom Bloggers. I will be writing on hump day, a.k.a. Wednesday. I’m Canadian, and I guess that makes me a foreign correspondent on this site. I’m also a wife and a mother. If you would like to know more about me, please visit my other blog site,


Tonjia Rolan said...

I am so sorry for the passing of your friend. A role model is a rare and wonderful thing. May you be comforted in this time of sorrow. Thank you for sharing Anne's memory. She is an inspiration.

Joyce Lighari said...

Welcome again to Kingdom Bloggers. A touch tribute but more than that, a wonderful reminder of those that heaven holds for us. I lost my mother a year and a half ago and shortly after, her best friend. I wrote a tribute to them both. Like you, I saw a sense of heaven. They were looking back at me (us) saying, will you take up where I left off - I saw a host of spiritual influences in my personal life who had gone on and they looked loving back at me saying, it's your turn.

David-FireAndGrace said...

I am always impressed by those that don't care about all the trappings of ministry, but advance the Kingdom in whatever way they are called. I certainly can sense a much deeper call in your words - deep calling deep.

Welcome to KB. Of course we are looking forward to your hearing your heart.

Is it OK if we call you the Lady from Lotus Land? Or is that bad Canadian? Eh? ;)

Thanks for joining us!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing about Anne, she's the kind of person I want to be like too!

Looking forward to reading more of you in the future.

Andrea York said...

Wow! When I need validation and comfort, I'll simply read your kind words and welcome. Thanks so much. I really am looking forward to spending time in word with the writers and readers of this blog.

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter where each of us come from, because of our mutual love of Christ and him for us, we have a natural tendency towards love and intimacy.

Tony C said...

I can't think of a better way to debut on Kingdom Bloggers than a tribute to a person like Anne. Touching, inspiring...hopeful.

Thanks Andrea for sharing and shining a light on sister who strived to be like our Jesus. I celebrate for her today and look forward to meeting when God calls me Home.