Friday, April 29, 2011

Sometimes you've just got to go with your heart...

I've got to admit I'm a little distracted while I write my post (late) today...

Yesterday, I lost a good friend who had suffered a stroke several months back. He was a diabetic that had lost his eye sight and much of his mobility over the past few years.

Oh...I also found out just yesterday I too have Type II diabetes.

Last night, I took a long walk alone to sort through a number of issues I'm currently going through with the two above being paramount. I also have several of you specifically on my heart as well. It was a clear, cool night as I walked around a track that's not only elevated but has a spectacular view of a nearby mountain range.

As I walked and talk with my Father about the things on my heart, it became abundantly clear to me that my personal issues are a direct result of my own actions...or lack there of.  There will be no time for a pity party. I just need to stop with the wishful thinking and start acting. God provided me a loving, supportive wife who understands the ramifications of this week's news on all levels. Although I could see the anxiety in her eyes when she read my blood work report yesterday, she also projected a silent strength. One I haven't seen since quite possibly back in Officer Candidate School before being commissioned in the Marine Corps.

Back to my walk.

God has a remarkable way of humbling people while at the same time providing hope. If for some reason you happen to be a doubter in the God we worship and write about on this blog, and you are still reading...maybe even searching...hear me out. Last night...God brought me to my knees.

There are very few things short of medical reasons that would cause me to spontaneously fall to my knees in submission. Actually there is only One. Most of us go through life under the belief or misconception that kneeling before God is an act reserved for an alter in a church on a Sunday. Brother...I've been there, and I know better. God is every where at all times, and He doesn't reserve His Spirit for us on just Sunday mornings.

There were changes made in my life last night. Changes that can only come with the help of a risen Savior. I understand completely I have a crucial role in those changes, and they won't happen without me. But I've got from pretty good sources that everything will be okay if I just remember this:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 
 Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

What does any of this have to do with the Resurrection? Well for has everything to do with it...absolutely everything.


David-FireAndGrace said...

You are a good man, Tony Cradic! Thanks for sharing.

Christ has risen!

Joyce Lighari said...

Love your honesty - praying with you.

Sincerity said...

God bless you Tony. Don't be afraid for God will give you the victory.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I will pray that God provides to you the comfort and strength to work through all that follows during such a difficult time.

I found out on Thursday that dear friend and student committed suicide. Grief is something I am well acquainted with. But God is good. He never lets his children go through more than they can bear.

Duke Taber said...

There has been more than one occasion in my life where God has brought me to my knees, or put me flat on my face. You are not alone, nor is it strange. It is part of being human and truly having faith in the God who changes things, and who's kingdom is here yet being awaited.

Thank you for being so open and transparent! It is refreshing.