Monday, April 25, 2011

Go To Your Upper Room!

It is the day after the celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the dead! We sang Hosanna in the Highest and maybe shouted hallelujah, now what? Many liturgical Christians use the church calendar to engage the many faceted life of Jesus, and worship the Most High. Even non-denominational Christians celebrate the biggest feasts, Christmas and Easter.

He has risen!

This week we'll be writing about the resurrection season here on Kingdom Bloggers. You'll have to forgive me, but the side effects of two of my new heart medications is confusion - so it can tough getting through a blog in a cohesive manner. But I'll try.

The days of the Lenten season leading up to Resurrection Day are often introspective and reflective; a time to look inward and do some soul searching. Then on Easter, there is the release of joy in the empty tomb!

If we follow the life of Christ, we need to ask what is next? I mean we are Christ followers, right?

The next major feast is that of Pentecost. It is both a Jewish and Christian holiday. In fact all the major events of Jesus' life fell on the Jewish feasts, that is one way we know that he is the Lamb of God! This is essential revelation, and you can read a short blog about it HERE.

For the 50 days following Easter, the disciples, about 120 of them grieved the loss of Jesus their friend, they were confused about the now but not yet Kingdom, and a few Jesus appeared to them after his death - oh yes, and they prayed. They believed the word of God and the words of Jesus. In fact the life of Jesus was also properly witnessed according to Hebraic Law (more on that HERE). And of course there were the prophecies about the Messiah. (more on that HERE). Their perseverance in the word, in prayer and in fellowship; however was not going to be enough to keep them going for a lifetime!

As the first believers in the resurrection made their way forward with a dead but living Jesus, I am sure it was an interesting time. They did not yet have the Holy Spirit to comfort or teach them. There had been a terrible crucifixion followed by an earthquake, after which those that were dead came out of their tombs and walked about he city! (Matthew 27:51-53) There were so many new questions, new doubts, and a glimmer of hope. After all Satan doesn't even have the keys to his own kingdom! (Revelations 1:18)

I want to be like them!

In this season, I want to prepare myself for an encounter with the Holy Spirit. I want to put aside all my theories, all my head knowledge, and all my preconceived notions about the greatest Power in all of creation, and experience Him. This is the very power that raised Jesus from the dead, it created the heavens and the earth, and it knew you before the foundations of the earth! It is the power that moves mountains, heals the sick, drives out demons, causes mere man to prophesy that which is not as though it is, it performs miracles, and came to give you peace that surpasses all understanding! It's good stuff!

This power is the King of King, the Lord of Lords, the Lion of Judah, the Bright Morning Star, the Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, the Cornerstone, the Counselor and the Creator - he is the Father and the Son, the Good Shepherd and he is our Hope and our joy: He is love. (more about who He is HERE)

As we head towards the celebration of Pentecost, I want to prepare myself to encounter the mighty, but gently blowing Holy Spirit which empowers me to do everything that Jesus did, and more! (John 5:20)

I don't know about you, but I am growing weary of living with a dead but living Jesus, yet doubting His power. For the next 50 days I am praying this prayer:

Lord, I said I would follow you, but I guess I meant when it was easy. I'm repenting now. I say I have faith, but some days it doesn't produce much fruit. Increase my faith. I want to preach the Gospel and heal the sick like you did. Empower me. I want to hear your voice and know your heart. Speak to me. Today, I give you permission to invade my life with your Spirit and prepare me to encounter You, giving meaning to Pentecost like never before. Baptize me afresh with your fire. Amen!

Care to join me?


Tracy said...

Awesome prayer!

Yes I'm with you brother

Joyce Lighari said...

I've thought of this blog since I "previewed" it the other day. Yes, we do need to go to the upper room and seek God for fresh wind and fire. I'm with you. I'm praying also for healing.

Tony C said...

Count me in! Lord send the rain!!!