Monday, April 4, 2011

I Don't Want to be an Ordinary Christian

When I read the Gospels, I just love the healing, the prophecy and the other miraculous displays of God's power. The book of Acts is my favorite book! I love to think about what it would have been like to be with Jesus, and like Philip, he hands me some bread and fish and asks me to feed the 5,000 men and their families. It is all very exciting. For 35 years that is the life that I have sought: I wanted to know the supernatural Jesus, that one that appeared to Peter on the beach, and the one so full of wisdom and love!

The Christian walk is not always like that. If you think about it, you can read a Gospel account in a couple of hours, maybe less. Into a few thousand words is packed three years! In between those accounts, the disciples, later apostles, struggled with their faith, and lived a quiet life.

This week, the Kingdom Bloggers are going to talk about those times, the ordinary days where we put one foot in front of the other, living a quiet life of faith.

I confess, my walk is more on-and-off than waiting around like an EMT playing cards in anticipation of the next adrenalin rush. The truth is that in the last 35 years, there has been a lot of off times where I didn't put much effort into knowing God. I have had times when I was bored with church, bored with sitting in a pew (that's like 2,000 sermons), and even though I have had a chance to teach my self, I still prefer ministry lines and the laying on of hands. I like to be where the action is!

I still go to church every Sunday, read some Bible every day, and pray. I have a short list of folks that I pray for each day along with my family. I pray a lot in the spirit because I do not know what to pray. This edifies my spirit, and when the time comes to minister to someone, I am ready. I enjoy the prophetic ministry too. I tend to flow in that pretty regularly now that I am part of a trained, sane and mature community.

And in between I listen to lots of Christian music, I really prefer the soaking genre these days. It allows my spirit to commune with God, and I feel refreshed.

I am not one to try make things up. I need to be in communion with the Spirit of God. It is a wonderful experience to sit at the keyboard and and listen to His still small voice, to let my spirit soar with Him, to have peace.

I don't want to be an ordinary Christian, I want to a history maker in my family, my church and my community. In fact I want to travel the world and love others with my gifts, while being a part of a team with different gifts than mine.

Until then, I read a little Bible, pray a lot, go to church and live a quiet life.


Tracy said...

When I listen to the lyrics of that song, they really seem to speak the bit of your heart that I've seen. Your all out desire for God and to be used by Him, consistently encourages me in my faith.

For myself, I have lots of questions when it comes to the miraculous. Right now I'm reading through the book of Mark in my morning time in the Word and I can't help but notice that Jesus and the disciples were constantly engaged in the miraculous; healing the sick, casting out demons. My husband John thinks that was about authentication; while I don't disagree with that, I also think that Jesus was moved with compassion by the infirmities of people and wanted to end their suffering. Jesus shows us the heart of God. But I don't see the same miraculous happening among God's people today; although I admittedly see more of it in the "third world". Even the dear brothers and sisters I know that God seems to want to use in the area of healing; sometimes the people for whom they pray are healed, and sometimes they are not. I don't have answers as to all of this; just questions. But those questions do not detract from the truth of Jesus, and the certainty of God loving us and wanting us to love Him and others.

photogr said...

I am perfectly content to Live a quiet life and occasionally bring others to Christ. At my age and facing issues, that is about all that I can do now.

You see I spent most of my life running away from service to God in my prime years fearing I was not worthy of such an honor. I still feel that way.

You are much younger and certainly have God's heart at your disposal.

The one thing that I love about you is your commitment to God that is unfaltering along with your desire to serve. I have loved your talks of the gifts and the super natural aspects of God.

I had never before heard of such in prior churches based on their ideaology but you brought back what I thought was there all along and it excited me. I even desired such gifts and I may with out knowing it might possess one but I doubt it.

I suspect God has new plans for you in the future in edifying His name. For that I would be honored to hear of your testamonials and these ventures.

Take care;


David-FireAndGrace said...

Thanks, guys for your comments!

Larry you just keep desiring, and praying, God will do that rest.

Tony C said...

I've always loved that picture because it epitomizes my plight...and I guess I'm not alone.

You always set the bar high on Mondays bro.